Grab The Witness On PC For $16

Video games used to be full to the brim with hard as nails, fist-through-monitor rage inducing puzzle games. That happens a lot less these days, but if you'd like an experience that makes you feel really dumb, there's a big discount on The Witness right now.

Joking aside, The Witness is a delightfully pretty game minus the masochism. Mark loved it so much he ended up literally drawing on his TV. Others did crazy stuff with graph paper.

It's an unusual, special game. And if you want it on the cheap for PC - Xbox users got it for nothing recently - then you can grab it for just over $16 through Good Old Games.

Look At What The Witness Made Me Do

Do you see this? This is what madness looks like. Thank you, The Witness, for driving me truly insane.

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The Witness: The Kotaku Review

While playing The Witness for this review, I wrote an email to its lead creator, Jonathan Blow. It was a moment of weakness.

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For more info, head to GOG.


    Jeez I've turned into a miserable old trout in my old age. My first thought when I looked at this is that "$16 isn't cheap for The Witness!"

    Worth the full $40 and then some - probably the best puzzle game I've ever played.

      Yep, I got it for $20 and it's absolutely worth that and more. Cool atmosphere and design.

      Played 26 or so hours and done just over 300 of the 500 puzzles, I've still got lots more to do!

      Absolutely. I get it's not everyone's cup but there is no better puzzle game: devious but fair. One of a kind.

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