Here’s $200 Off A Decent 55″ Samsung TV For Gaming

Here’s $200 Off A Decent 55″ Samsung TV For Gaming

Image: Gizmodo

If you’re looking to upgrade to a 4K HDR screen, and gaming is a priority, then JB has a decent deal on a 55″ Samsung for $1000.

The MU6100 is closer to Samsung’s entry-level offerings, but despite the cheaper build quality the screen still has solid contrast, 4K HDR support, and most importantly, good input lag for gaming. RTINGS measure the MU6100’s response time at just over 20ms when playing 4K HDR content at 60Hz, while the response time for 1080p HDR content was a fraction faster.

That’s pretty decent as far as TV’s go. And given that JB are selling the MU6100 for $1000, that’s a good price point. If you’re interested, you can check out the deal and the rest of the specs over at JB Hi-Fi.

There’s offers on larger and smaller TVs today as well, including a 60″ TCL P20US for $1000. Neither TV will have amazing speakers given the price point, however, so if you do decide to pull the plug, make sure you look around for a good soundbar to go with it.


  • I’ve had this TV for a year now, definitely incredible when paired with my PS4 Pro. Horizon Zero Dawn was so awesome

  • Be really cautious of Samsung TVs

    I have the KS6000, which yes is old, but wow it has added screen tearing and horrible frame pacing to EVERY game I play on the PS4 (using game mode too) – And not a traditional screen tear, but one where the tear starts and then slowly makes its way down the screen in about 3-4 seconds. It has done it on almost every game I have played since turning game mode on

    And lets not get started on Samsung TVs ability to generally have a completely unresponsive remote control for long periods of time, especially in the first 20-30 seconds of bootup. Random not being able to adjust volume on the TV is getting really annoying

    Oh and the latest thing.. the TV will crash YouTube when it cuts to a commercial mid-video.

    Charming TVs. My first and last Samsung. Stick with Sony

      • Its been the last few months, vanilla PS4 and its tearing on games that dont have tearing like Uncharted Lost Legacy, Dragon Quest Builders (which also has horrible frame pacing issues), Knack 2

        Never had the problem with the old TV (admittedly never played these games on it either)

        When game mode is off – the lag is unbareable and games become difficult to play due to that

        • Screen tearing could be many issues in the end but if try a different HDMI cable, at least a 1.3 cable and check your machines and tv’s refresh ratios. Some times you can get tearing on Xbox and ps4 because the console tries to run at to high a refresh compares to the tv.

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