Let’s Talk A Leisurely Stroll Across Far Cry 5’s Map

Let’s Talk A Leisurely Stroll Across Far Cry 5’s Map

Fun fact: It takes 58:41 to get from the NE of Far Cry 5’s map to the SW, walking the entire way. We know this because How Big Is The Map? walked the whole way and kept the clock running.

My God the scenery in this game can be beautiful.

If you’d like to see a similar journey sped up, here’s TheyCallMeConor with a timelapse version.


  • It’s a nice trek but I would’ve liked the choppers to be a bit faster when you really need to get somewhere. The map also needs more super-high mountains to base jump from because, while sightseeing on foot is a beautiful experience, wingsuiting through trees and valleys is an amazing experience after hoofing it up to a summit.

  • I would like to experience this, but the game crashes every few minutes for me on pc… it’s pretty frustration, because the game seems great otherwise… oh well I will just have to wait for a patch I guess ????

    • It’s not an ideal fix but mine was doing the same.
      I put everything to its lowest settings and turned off AA and motion blur as well.
      It works fine now but yeah, no where near as pretty.

      I’m considering turning settings up higher one by one to isolate what crashes it but I’ve been too lazy so far.

      I hope this helps you out.

    • If you are overclocking, try turning it off and running on default bios settings.

      I was running my pc a little overclocked and the game froze a few times, turning it off it seems to be running perfectly now.

      • Thanks for the suggestions Luke, I will give it a go! I have tried to mix and match the graphics setting, but still having problems…I haven’t tried turning it down all the way though… I haven’t overclocked anything, and my pc is pretty much brand new except for the video card (waiting for the new ones!)

        It’s very strange that it’s wirking fine for you now, I wonder what setting is causing the issue…

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