Here’s The Island From Lost, Recreated In Amazing Detail In Far Cry 5

When it comes to recreating something in a video game, Minecraft is the tool of choice. Unless you’re this guy, who used Far Cry 5‘s map editor to build a replica of the island from the TV series Lost. Yes, I thought I was done with that bloody show too.

While it’s an “accurate recreated map”, according to its creator “Un-Break-Able”, it isn’t to scale due to technical limitations. However, it does feature most of the locations from the show:

Everything from as small as Sun’s garden to all 9 Dharma Initiative Stations are included … In regards to accuracy some assumptions had to be made. Such as the Hydra Station where we saw many of these rooms but how they were organised and connected in the complex was impossible to determine exactly but was made to the best of my knowledge.

The map is playable (“uploaded to PS4 as: LOST TV Series”, says Un-Break-Able), however, you can only run around for 10 minutes, again, due to restrictions on the game and editor.

That said, if those limits are ever removed, Un-Break-Able reckons it’d make a good map for battle royale… if such a mode is ever added.

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LOST (TV SERIES): Recreated Island in Far Cry 5 Map Editor! [YouTube]


  • 10/10 for detail but a 3/10 for the island itself. It’s so flat! I know, technical limitations, but still. Tiny!

    Great work though. Can’t believe he made that in the 5 minutes the game has been out.

    • Yeah likely kept it flat so he could fit everything in. But still as you say impressive to have this done so already.

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