Rewatch Microsoft's E3 2018 Xbox Conference Here

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Last year's Microsoft conference had new hardware, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown, a new Forza and a host of curious additions. What will Microsoft bring to the E3 2018 table this time around? Let's find out.

Microsoft's annual event kicks off at 0600 AEST / 0530 ACST / 0400 AWST / 0800 NZST on Monday, June 11. It's the first of the two main days, with Bethesda rocking up around lunch time on the Monday (and Devolver following with ... well, whatever shenanigans they've got planned this year).

All The Australian Times For E3 2018

The annual ritual is almost upon us. waking up at ungodly hours, rugging up in a blanket and slamming several coffees until the hype kicks in. Welcome to E3 2018.

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You can watch the conference through Twitch below:

And YouTube:

If you'd rather give Mixer a go, however, that's here. It was pretty decent last year, and should be less congested than Twitch or YouTube.

As for the conference, here's what we know to expect:

  • Sea of Thieves: Rare will show off more of the roadmap for this game, and given it's one of the biggest titles on the Xbox Game Pass I imagine Rare will continue to push heavily on this.
  • A new Forza (probably Horizon): It's about time for Forza Horizon 4. Drifting in Japan will be nice. Maybe it'll be the NFS: Underground we've waited years for.
  • Crackdown 3: Delayed, but we should get some more gameplay this time.
  • The new game from Bohemia Interactive: They've announced that it's an Xbox exclusive, so should be neat to see what they've got cooking. Would be surprised if it wasn't another ArmA style game.
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps: This'll look gorgeous. I hope it gets more than a trailer this time around.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2: The XBX is the strongest console graphically, and given that we know RDR2 will show up it makes sense that Xbox will show it off.

What are you expecting to see this year?


    Bohemia Interactive xbox exclusive, ugg.. imagine if its ARMA4, boy would that start WW3!

      That would go over well lol.

      The teaser pic they showed had some ammo, a knife and a weird tin on a newspaper clipping that read "Atom bomb hits Europe"
      Some folks are guessing a survival game or another battle royal game.

    Just wondering if there is a specific MS channel on Mixer for the stream tomorrow morning or if it'll be shown on the E3 channel itself?
    TIA, happy E3 2k18 ????

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