This Week In Games: Shape Of The Vampyr

This Week In Games: Shape Of The Vampyr

It’s the last week before E3, which means there’s typically not much in the way of new releases. That’s usually the orthodoxy, anyway. This year’s a bit different, with a few intriguing games dropping right before everyone goes bananas waking up at 0200 to catch a glimpse of Death Stranding or whatever.

The first major cab off the rank is the vampire-action game from Dontnod, the same studio behind Life is Strange, Vampyr.

On the indie side of the equation, Shape of the World is a game lasting a few hours with a meditative in-game world that “reacts to your presence”. One for the Journey folk.

If you like your arcade racers, ONRUSH drops this week as well. There’s MotoGP 18 too, although I suspect the audience for that is a little smaller. And in other major news, there’s a new expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, if you’re into that.

Here’s the bulk of what’s out this week:

  • Vampyr (PC, PS4, XBO)
  • The Piano (PC)
  • MotoGP 18 (PS4, XBO)
  • Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido (Switch)
  • Legendary Eleven (Switch)
  • NEO GEO Riding Hero (Switch)
  • Shape of the World (PC, PS4, XBO, Switch)
  • Crying Is Not Enough (PC)
  • CometStriker (PC)
  • Aragami: Shadow Edition (XBO)
  • Milanoir (XBO)
  • Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset (PC, PS4, XBO)
  • Fallen Legion (Switch)
  • Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn (PC, PS4, XBO, Switch)

Not a huge list, understandably: E3 is just around the corner. Let’s kick things off with reminding ourselves about Shaq Fu:

Here’s an hour of Sushi Striker. It’s pretty adorable.

Fallen Legion drops on the Switch this week. It’s not a particularly long game – you can finish this over a weekend. It’s an RPG at heart, although there’s a whole bunch of timers for attacks so you can block and dodge. Not my cup of tea, but you might see differently:

The biggest game for most this week will be Vampyr. We’ll have more to say throughout the week (embargoes don’t lift until tomorrow), but until then here’s a good chunk of gameplay.

Anything pique your fancy?


  • I am well aware that this will probably be a buggy trainwreck of unfulfilled potential, but I’m going for Vampyr. I’m rooting for these guys. Remember Me showed they had some good combat-mechanics chops and experimented a little with story-choices, even if most of the game was poorly-disguised corridor funnelling. I feel like the combination of Remember Me and Life is Strange will have given them valuable learning to really sink their teeth (PUN INTENDED) into making Vampyr a deeper game.

      • Hey man, Focus as a Publisher (not their dev studio, Focus Home Interactive) have picked out some serious hits. Despite not getting universal acclaim from soulslike snobs, The Surge was fucking tight. Deep enough, broad enough, clever enough, did all the right things and didn’t outstay its welcome, with very few weaknesses – like, maybe variety in level design? That’s about it. Battlefleet Gothic was good at what it wanted to do, people have good reason to tongue the ass of Divinity: Original Sin, they bankrolled the Telltale stuff at the turning point of it starting to get good (TWD/TWAU).

        And for all the stuff that isn’t hits, there’s plenty that’s ‘not great but not bad either’ decent stuff worth having at the reasonable price-point they tend to put it in. All your Styx, Farming Simulator, Cities XL, Bound by Flame, Mars: War Logs/Technomancer, Blood Bowl style stuff. Respectable efforts, interesting, just didn’t really make it across the line into AAA or came with flaws/failure to live up to potential that just made them… ‘OK.’

        I respect their efforts. 🙂

        • Call me a souls-like snob, but I absolutely think The Surge was worse than the developers previous game Lords of the Fallen. I had some hope for it, especially given the different theme it had, but found myself pretty disappointed in the end.

          On the larger note, I agree about Focus as a publisher… Their improvement in recent years especially is pretty damn admirable, and they’re clearly willing to take chances where a lot of bigger publishers could easily afford to but simply do not.

  • Very keen to read some reviews on Vampyr. I hope they get this right.

    Agree with the above comment. I enjoyed Remember Me despite its shortcomings and LOVED Life is Strange. If they can combine what they learned off those projects I hope it means they nail this game.

  • The intro video is everything magical and wonderful about anime, but the actual demo of Sushi Strikers just didn’t get me 🙁

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