LEGO Final Fantasy Build Used Over 10,000 Pieces

Image: Marius Herrmann

This Bahamut from Final Fantasy X, built by Marius Herrmann, is an enormous one metre (0.98m) wide.

Image: Marius Herrmann

Via Brothers Brick, it's got some interesting composition, having been built from pieces as varied as shields, plant stems, a rip cord and even a grill in a colour that hasn't been available for a decade.

Image: Marius Herrmann

Herrmann built Bahamut to commemorate the 17th anniversary of Final Fantasy X's release in 2001, and it took him around six months to complete it.

Image: Marius Herrmann

You can see more of Herrmann's LEGO work at his Flickr page.


    This is hands down one of the most impressive builds I've seen.
    Bloody amazing.


    Amazing build though, definitely with nami on this one

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