What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is a great time to cook - particularly if said cooking involves pegging ingredients at your friends.

I'm looking forward to spending some time with friends in Overcooked 2 over the weekend; I've had a code and been able to give it a whirl in solo, but I'll be intrigued to see how the multiplayer holds up. Cooking is better with company.

Besides that, it'll be a case of catching up with old faces, maybe playing a board game, and doing as much as possible while sitting under a blanket. Warmth is a priority this weekend.

But what about yourselves - what are you playing?


    Being a bad arse in Hope County with my trusty pooch Boomer in FC5. I've become quite attached to Boomer.

    I'll be travelling but hopefully can squeeze in some time on the Switch - I can't wait for Monster Hunter Generations to come out, it will be perfect for this platform.

    More Elite:Dangerous. I've become addicted again!

      I've been having a break - new job, travel etc. But do tell tales of the black!

        I've been doing the engineer grind, unlocked all the useful ones & now I have an A rated, high engineered Conda.

        Just pledged to Aisling Duval for my first taste of powerplay, need those shields!

        Also about to start the rep grinds to unlock the Corvette & Cutter.

        So much still to do!

    Dead Cells and Octopath Traveler. Fun times ahead!

    Post Scriptum just came out, and Insurgency Sandstorm is in beta this weekend. Both look to be fresh takes on the FPS genre.

    Killing monsters and wearing their guts for garters. Also, playing some Monster Hunter World.

    Diving into Overcooked 1 for the first time with the hope my SO enjoys it too. Got some Snipperclips and Rocket League to play with too.

    I reckon Madden 19 but also Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita, maybe some Rogue Legacy and probably something with the kids. Could get back into Mirrror's Edge Catalyst and finish off some side missions and collecting.

    We have a rare child free night and more importantly morning. So hopefully all the sleep. Going to be traveling so unlikely much gaming this weekend, maybe a bit of Mount and Blade

    AC Origins. Was hoping to polish this off, with 94 percent complete now (but somehow still 3-4 regions not yet visited), I'll probably end up moving on to MH: W. I've put off playing this on PS4, wanting the PC experience. I actually don't know much about it; I've never played a Monster Hunter game before, and I've only seen it's gameplay in small patches. The playtimes I've heard people accumulate sounds daunting (600 hours, really!).

    Uncharted 2. First playthrough. Did the first uncharted a year or so ago, which, honestly, I'm finding this very similar to. Which is great, it's just I've heard so many people talk about this series and I thought popular opinion was that the 2nd game was a serious step-up. Maybe it is and I'm missing the comparison; it has so many different and varied set-pieces, from Borneo tropics to Tibetan villages to hopping along a moving train, the action is phenomenal. I think the testament to these games is that I don't need to read back much on the plot of the previous game or chapters; I just need a vague cue for what the previous game or chapters were about and I can immediately remember what it felt like to play through it. Also, I know the story and characters are tropey, but they are so likeable and funny.

    Super Mario Land. Wow, it almost doesn't feel like a Mario game. The movement and platforming doesn't have the same feel. The settings and enemies are esoteric. The presentation is off. It is so short (12 levels). But, I guess the context is important; 1989, the first handheld Mario at the dawn of the Gameboy era. Afterall, this sold more than SMB3 and we often consider the latter to be arguably the greatest Mario game.

    Alto's Odyssey. Even more beautiful than Adventure. New mechanics and environmental obstacles to add to the original. Same simple, elegant control. Nice progression system with the leveling and upgrades. My only issue at the moment is that sometimes I feel my deaths are a bit indiscriminate or unavoidable; a vine that breaks just as I jump to start a backflip, lemur immediately closing the gap on you whenever you start grinding, mistimed hot-air balloons needed to bridge a gap or mistimed jumps between walls needed for elevation over a chasm. I worry that's going to impede achieving the harder goals in the later levels.

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    Hmmm, for me I'm hoping to both start and finish Flipping Death!

    On the side may play a little more Picross S2 (tho it's getting to the really brain-wearing, concentration-heavy ones that I can't just bust out during some other activity or right before bed), and finish off Holedown on mobile.

    Monster Hunter: World.

    Just got a new PC and this is going to be my big new fancy title to see how it goes.

    Coming from a laptop has been an experience so far. :P

    AC Origins for the most part; had more fun in an AC game than I have for a long time, a lot of which I attribute to the stealth controls being a lot better (with lots of room for improvement still) & the bow is liberating in terms of being able to improvise.

    That being said, 40 hours of fun later & the sheen is starting to wear off - most of the missions are now rinse repeat (they have been all along really but core gameplay let you change it up) but more frustratingly, any inclination to explore is curtailed by the likelihood that the camp/hideout I may take out is somewhere i’ll likely have to revisit as part of a main/side mission in the future - makes the point of such an open world questionable? Only unlocked about 35-40% of the map too & level 31/40 (40 is the cap) so it’s not like i’m rushing through!

    Otherwise Hyrule Warriors & Octopath are my ‘off-screen’ funs!

    Got next week off in anticipation of BfA, so weekend will be spent tidying up and prepping my toons. Any time not doing that I'll likely spend with Octopath and Hand of Fate 2 on Switch.

    Getting the last collectibles on Yoku’s Island Express. This game has been such a breath of fresh air, awesome concept and lots of fun. I hope that they release more content even there a new island or more quests.

    If I finish Yoku’s I ll be getting into Dead Cells. Only played for about an hour so far and enjoying the combat a lot.

    Door Kickers
    Hollow Knight to get the true ending. Also started a new play through for the original ending (no Void heart)
    And probably some Murican Truck Sim in there too.


    Got my physical zines and 'secret envelope' in the mail this week, so excited to start playing some this weekend.

    All MHW on PC all the time this weekend.

    Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Doom. A match made in heaven.

    Just got home from a few weeks in Japan, so it seems like an appropriate time to finally start Persona 5.

    Call of Duty Black Ops 3. I've played every single COD campaign up until here (including The Big Red One). This game really surprised me, I didn't like BO1&2 at all, but this has been the best COD since MW2! I'll give the Nightmares campaign a try this weekend, onto Infinite Warfare after that.

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