Community Review: Destiny 2 Forsaken

Community Review: Destiny 2 Forsaken
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There’s plenty of games worthy of a community review this week, so we’ll have a few extras as the days roll on. But I wanted to start with a game that’s been a TAYbie favourite, but also a bit of a letdown in the past.

I’m talking about Destiny 2, of course, and the recently released Forsaken expansion that dropped late last week. The MMO shooter has gone through some turmoil, with the slower ultimate charge time and generally slower pace of PVP finding few fans. The end-game content was a bit of a letdown as well, and as a result people ended up bouncing off Destiny 2 faster than expected.

So after going through a rough first year, Bungie started throwing things out completely. The weapon system got a complete overhaul. A lot of the hand-holding that you would expect is suddenly absent around the Dreaming City; suddenly, Destiny doesn’t want to guide you through the end-game content anymore.

And the biggest gamble of all: Destiny killed its most popular character, Cayde-6.

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Destiny, from everything I’ve heard from our US partners and friends that still enjoy Bungie’s shooter from time to time, is a little mysterious again. Principally, that sounds like a good thing. Part of the fun in the post-Rise of Iron era was hunting around, wondering where Xur would rock up every Friday, and the guides and little secrets you’d need to find to work your way through the raids.

But does it all work?

Well, that’s where I want to hear from the Destiny fans among us. Has Destiny 2 finally become the game fans wanted at launch, or is Forsaken still a bit short of the mark?


  • I’m enjoying it so much. The new campaign was great, well written and the missions/adventures were really enjoyable. Weapon slot updates, random rolls on armour and weapons have been a godsend. I’ve been trying out so many loadouts and been having a blast. Finally, I LOVE GAMBIT!!!! It is such a fun mode, I’ve enjoyed invading and trying to deny the other team a primeval kill, as many motes as possible but am still struggling with my handcannon invader kills. I know that the content is going to take a while to get through which is awesome because I’m taking my time and loving every moment of it.

    I’ve read a bunch of complaints on the fact item mods and the cost of infusion is too much, but I think the mentality in playing the game is you shouldn’t be trying to infuse everything, just infuse the items you believe to be the most valuable. People are trying to finish and complete the game within a week, which is what caused so many people to drop off when D2 launched a year ago. Bungie have slowed down the pace just enough to provide you with content to keep playing. If that isn’t your style then you’d just be disappointed in the game.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Game is great and I’m having a blast. I also agree RE “high cost” of infusion. It seems people want to infuse everything straight away when it really should be an end game pursuit once you have found a good set of weapons.

    • Run sturm and drang for the invader HC kills, you can have a 20 round clip sturm handcannon, and the first 8 shots do 176 headshot damage and 90 on a body if your the same light level 🙂

  • And there you have it. Amazing how quick everyone forgives this one franchise, while shitting on every other game for the most minor discrepancies. A quick time line : Vanilla Destiny.. We hate it. First dlc.. We hate it. Second dlc.. We hate it. $160 later and the final dlc.. We love it. Now Destiny 2 Vanilla.. We hate it. First dlc..we hate it. Second dlc.. We hate it. $160 later with a new annual pass and dlc.. We love it. Can’t wait to watch this re-run when Destiny 3 is released..

  • I haven’t purchased the DLC yet and I’m in no big rush. I’m happy to watch Datto, Sliq, King Goth, Mtashed, etc. play through the expansion. Though, what on earth was up with the final boss? When did Destiny 2 turn into Doom?

  • There is NOT a better lightMMO shooter in any platform.
    And I don’t think Anthem will be better than Destiny 2. Forsaken is brilliant. Too bad lot of people will not get the chance to try it because “Bungie is bad”, “Destiny is dead” etc etc

  • I feel like Michael Corleone in part III: Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

    God, I’m really loving the grind man!

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