Film Victoria Boosts 14 Games With Just Over $815,000

With PAX just around the corner and the state already in the thick of Melbourne International Games Week, Film Victoria has announced that 14 games will be sharing over $815,000 in fresh funding.

Four of the 14 projects are receiving funding from Film Victoria for new stages of development, while the other new are getting funding for the first time. Readers will probably be familiar with some of the first four: they include Untitled Goose Game; The Forgotten City, the standalone spin-off of the Skyrim mod that won a national screenwriting award; Dead Static Drive, one of the standout games at PAX the last two years running; and Dawnblade, a mobile Diablo/Torchlight-esque aRPG.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”The Journey To Turn A Skyrim Mod Into A Standalone Game” excerpt=”The last time we spoke to Nick Pearce, he was flying on a high. The Forgotten City, a mod that he’d spent more than 1700 hours building, had just won an Australian Writers’ Guild award. It was the first Australian screenwriting award given to a video game mod, a staggering accomplishment given it was a mod borne entirely out of love.”]

7 of the remaining 10 games that received funding included:

  • Beyond the Veil
  • Eri’s Forest
  • Pocket Skate
  • Kana Quest
  • Monsta Makin (working title)
  • Totem Teller
  • Pico Tanks


The three other projects include a new game from Samurai Punk (The American Dream, Screencheat), a card-based game from Twice Different, and a third company which was not named. I’ve followed up with Film Victoria on that company, though, and I’ll update this story once that information comes to light.

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