Shadow Warrior 2 Is Free Right Now On GOG

Shadow Warrior 2 Is Free Right Now On GOG
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GOG decided to hold the best kind of vote to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Of the following games — Firewatch, Shadow Warrior 2, and SUPERHOT — which should given away, free, for a limited time? If you’ve read the headline, well, I think you know what came out on top.

Shadow Warrior 2 normally sells for $US39.99 ($56.49), but GOG is offering it for free for the next 40 or so hours (midnight on Sunday).

If you’ve been looking for a good co-op shooter for the weekend, you won’t get a much better deal than this, with the campaign mode supporting up to four players. I know for fact you won’t have any problems getting copies for everyone, either.

Shadow Warrior 2 Is Ridiculous In A Lot Of Good Ways

If a game tells me I'm going to carve up demons with a chainsaw called the 'Warrrsaw,' it puts my expectations in check. This game is going to be violent. It's going to be ridiculous. It's (hopefully?) going to be fun. Shadow Warrior 2 is all of those things.

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As for the other two games in the vote, SUPERHOT and Firewatch, you’ll find them for 50 and 75 per cent off respectively, as consolation.

In addition, GOG’s fattened its catalogue with some new things… and old things:

To mark the 10th Anniversary we’re bringing DRM-freedom to Stellaris together with Paradox Entertainment. We’ve also restored Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for the fortune and glory, and reignited a remarkable old flame: Soldier of Fortune — both now available only on GOG.COM.

Shadow Warrior 2 [GOG]


  • Was hoping Superhot would be the free game, but I can understand why people would pick SW2. Never did like it as much as the first game though, it was a bit too chaotic and unstructured for my liking.

  • Would have loved Firewatch. To be honest, I haven’t heard of Shadow Warrior, but I’ll give it a shot. As for Superhot, it’s bloody amazing! Especially in VR…but I have it. Thanks GOG!

  • Got it, was a little surprised by this free give away giving its not even that old and I was considering buying it someday.

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