What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Earlier this week, I got to enjoy John Carpenter's supremely good Antarctic thriller The Thing. This weekend, I'll get to see how that translates into a board game.

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 was released last year and, for the most part, seems fairly decent. It's a hidden identity game that's supposedly best played with 8 people, with more players potentially becoming imitations as the game goes on.

Missions get handed out each turn, with people sent on missions. Missions sometimes require a particular type of character, and the success of the mission is then revealed by players handing in cards, a little like Resistance.

The captain, however, can discard one of the cards submitted without the rest of the team knowing. The more missions failed, the less blood serums available to the team at the end.

Beyond that, I'll just end up continuing benchmarks over the weekend. What are you playing this weekend?


    The Thing is a stone cold classic ; ) (get it)

    BLOPS 4 on PS4pro, mainly Blackout. Having a lot of fun with it, as my first COD since BLOPS 2 and MW 3 before that. Love how you make your own story in Blackout with moment to moment firefights, cat and mouse stalking etc. Yet to finish first, but plenty of top 10.
    Shame about those textures, especially on some to the MP maps ....dammmn, seriously Treyacrch?

    Thinking of pulling out the old N64 and Blast Corps to play with the kids. They are at the age where wanton destruction will greatly delight them.

    You should also play The Thing game on PC\Xbox\PS2. Excellent little horror shooter IMO.


    All Soul Calibur VI all the time.

    I'll be going back to the Stage of History with SC VI mostly but I'm also wanting to get in a bit of Disgaea 1 Complete.

    More AC Odyssey, I should probably have a look and see if I can luck into the cat ghost in the Destiny Festival of the Lost but that would require playing less Odyssey. We'll see ;)

    Lego D.C. Super Villains and if I 100% that I'll get back in to my game of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

      Oh man, I played the Amalur demo way back and it was really good. I'll have to play that game soon!

    Assassin's Creed Unity on PS4. It's pretty cool so far. Really enjoying the way Paris has been represented in game. I had to look closely at Notre Dame to find incorrect architecture. Playing in French with French subtitles really adds to the atmosphere.

    Still going with Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita. It is a bit of a grind-fest, but as a JRPG dungeon-crawler fan, I'm enjoying it a lot :-)

    Took a game-fast this week, to give me a bit of appetite for Dragonball Fighterz on Switch this weekend. Maybe some Undertale or Pinball FX 3 also. ^^

    I'm playing "looking at cars with my wife", to attempt to reconcile what she wants in a car with practical reality. It will not be an easy sell!

    Her old audi just sprang a water pump leak, which is the final nail in the coffin which in turn contains a wormhole to an abyssal money pit.

    Also just crammed all of my neo geo games on to the SNES mini, have the two sticks, and will be playing a crapload of samsho, kof98, and metal slug.

    Finally catching up on single player games. Picked up and finished Spiderman the other week and am working my way through God of War. Figure I'm about 60% done with things, grabbed soul calibur about 30 mins ago to play when I'm finished up with gow.

    I'm trying to 100% Spidey before I disappear into the Wild West for a long, long time.

    I just made it to Paititi in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and I can't wait to jump back into it tonight.

    The majority of my weekend will be mowing my damn lawn after two weeks of almost constant rain...yaaaay!

    Still working through my first play though of POE2: Deadfire, hope to maybe start Kingdom Come Deliverance too.

    Fallout Wasteland Warfare with the family. My son is mad keen on fallout FPS games (probably because I am a fallout fanboy) ;) and I figured this would be fun family time (we also play wargames like warhammer etc.Seemed logical)

      Could you let us know if it's any good once you've played it? I've been getting my son into Warhammer over the last 12 months too. And while we both love it, we could do with a palette cleanser and I'm hoping the Fallout tabletop game is it. But honestly, I don't wanna shell out for it if it's a stinker. Since you're already having a go would you mind being our canary in the coalmine, good sir?

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