Amazon's Best Black Friday 2019 Gaming And Hardware Deals [Updated!]

Amazon's Black Friday sales have already kicked off with some early bird deals on a range of games, but there's much more to come later in the week. Currently, there's some great savings to be had on games like Borderlands 3, God of War and Wolfenstein, and while we wait for the rest of the deals to go live, Amazon's teased everything that's to come.

You can check out some of the deals on Amazon here, although more deals will be live starting 12:00am AEDT on Friday, November 29. We'll update this post as they arrive.

Update (29/11): It's Black Friday time. Here's the headliners, including PlayStation classics for just under $14, a super cheap Xbox One S and some solid peripherals for bugger all. You can find all the Black Friday deals here, and all the video game bargains via this link, but here's a selection:

For now, here's what you can nab:

  • Borderlands 3 (PS4/XBO): $53
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (PS4): $18
  • God of War (PS4): $17
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (PS4): $30.07
  • Persona 5 (PS4): $16.41
  • Assassin's Creed: Origins (PS4/XBO): $19
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PS4): $10
  • Call of Duty: WWII: $26.15
  • The Division 2 (PS4/XBO): $19
  • Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled (PS4): $44
  • Far Cry New Dawn (PS4/XBO): $24
  • WWE 2K20 (PS4/XBO): $49
  • Red Dead Redemption II (PS4/XBO): $43
  • Battlefield 5 (PS4): $26.34
  • Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection (PS4): $20

As for the rest of the Black Friday deals, Amazon is currently teasing:

  • "Epic" savings across PS4 consoles and games
  • 25% off select laptops including Lenovo, ASUS and Acer
  • Discounts on Corsair and Razer products

Elgato's gaming range will also be on sale via Amazon, available only on November 29. These include the following products:

  • Stream Deck: $165 (reduced from $229)
  • Green Screen MT: $149 (reduced from $249)
  • Key Light: $249 (reduced from $349)
  • HD60S: $195 (reduced from $269)
  • 4k60 PRO MK.2: $329 (reduced from $399)
  • Cam Link 4k: $159 (reduced from $199)

Stay tuned for more deals as they go live on Amazon, and check out the rest of our Black Friday deals round-ups here:

The Best Black Friday Gaming And Tech Deals

Need some Christmas presents? Need some Christmas presents a month early to cheer yourself up? Black Friday time it is, then.

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    Why would the list Anthem? Isn't that a 2019 game?

      Getting rid of stock that would otherwise just sit there.

    Detroit, God of War and Shadow of the Colossus for $77. I love being a patient gamer :)

    Supporting a company which deliberately undercuts every other business by selling at a loss, is irresponsible.

      I feel the same way. I really don't want to support Amazon just to get some better deals on a game, the horror stories of their working conditions would always be at the back of my mind while playing any game I got from them.

    PS4 controllers are $49 at JB, which seems a lot cheaper than this unless there's some catch I've missed.

      $45 now this morning, $39 if you want the Green Camo controller.

        Yesterday my foster dog found my sunset orange PS4 controller and turned it into fragments. This is coming at the perfect time!

        On a side note, I had no idea how emotionally attached I was to that controller. Was terrible finding it like that. She'd chewed the joysticks and shoulder buttons completely off!

          Rescue animals are an emotional rollercoaster. My rescue cat pi**ed on my modem and router. Luckily both survived.

            Yeah. The one we had before this pissed EVERYWHERE. We have just renovated our house. Everything was perfect! But we loved him and were still really sad to see him go.

            This one right now however? Not so much. She's destroyed too many of my things.

            We had a cat a few years ago that would only shit on pillows. As in, the pillows we sleep on. We couldn't keep it long, it was just too traumatised by whatever it had been through.

    Can Kotaku please stop pretending paid advertising is content.
    This past week there have been non-stop "articles" about Amazon XYZ and each one is nothing more than a paragraph about a deal they are running and a link.

    If Kotaku is going to run advertisements in their article feed can it be flagged as such. The internet is already full of ads, we don't need gorilla adverts.

      This isn't paid advertising. Any paid adverts are marked with sponsored boxes or listed as advertorial in those instances.

      Some.of us find this helpful. Maybe just don't click on them.

      These aren't paid ads. People have scoured the site and found good deals and published them for our benefit. It's black Friday, there are going to be deals.

      Wait, kotaku were advertising gorillas? Holy shit, how much?!

    Finally bit the bullet on the xbox one x deal. After selling my og xbox with kinect i am hoping that I will essentially have bought it for under $300. Can't argue with that price.

    Is the psvr worth it. I kind of feel like I’d use it once or twice then not touch it again

      Tetris Effect / Astro Bot are *really* highly recommended. But most of the experiences are short-lived.

        In that case I might just save my money

          Not a bad idea, especially with summer coming up. Too hot, too sweaty, etc.

            I've got a VIVE. And while it is kind of cool and neat, as Alex said, it's only really good in short bursts. Playing for a long time will just get you sweaty and uncomfortable.

      Had one for a while (and also have a HTC Vive) - the first few times you play it, it’s pretty cool, but then it’s just an annoyance to set up. Doesn’t seem like anyone really knows what to do with it yet.

      I love mine. There are some fantastic games on there, and at the discounted price, it's a bargain! Wipeout, RE7, Beat Saber, Tetris Effect, Astro Bot, GT Sport, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, there are tons. Visually things can be a mixed bag, but the experience of being 'in' the worlds more than makes up for it. It's a totally different gaming experience and worth the price of admission.

      I bought a PS VR about 4 mnths ago but swelled my PSVR game collection with lots of cheap $5-15 games from the US PSN store.. if you've only got a couple of games it's boring.. but have some variety and it's cool imho. Also I've been using the PSVR on my PC - so longevity over just PS4 usage

        How well does it work with the PC? I'd like to try No Man's Sky and Elite Dangerous.

      I'm a yes. The PSVR scene is pretty mature, and any concerns you might have with the resolution or the fact that it is not the latest VR product out there, are completely counterbalanced by the fact that some excellent PSVR games are out there, which is very different from the situation at launch. And most of these games are regularly discounted on the store. Expect to pay no more than $30 for an A release - with many good PSVR games regularly discounted to <$15.

      There are some gems that will keep you in PSVR forever - provided you like the genre. No Man's Sky, for example, in VR, is so engrossing, especially with the recent updates, and considering the price of the game is about $20 on the street, is an absolute reason to buy PSVR, if you like that sort of thing.

      So it really depends on whether you really like the VR games which are on it; stuff like Moss, Tetris Effect, Blood and Truth, Beat Sabre, Accounting Plus - at Black Friday Prices for the VR headset, I'd say absolutely YES. If you're concerned, maybe read the game reviews first. If you like the sound of the review, you will like the experience even more.

    200GB card more than enough?

    Not if you're 100% digital. ????

    I'm eyeing off the 400GB card.

      Most indies on the Switch are a few GB at most, plenty are under 1GB. It is actually a ton of space given that the platform has very few of the 30GB-40GB-50GB installs that other consoles and PC has.

        Yeah I've long since filled up a 200GB card on Switch, having to delete games regularly. 400GB is the way to go if you're 100% digital.

          Yep i have to agree - my 200gb card was full some time ago and i switched to a 400gb.
          The game sizes are getting quite large now (well for the switch)

    God of War is no longer $29. And some of these are cheaper elsewhere, so check before you buy!

    Switch console flash deal is sold out now and is $389. You can join a wait list but I have no real Idea as to what that means really.

      Thanks, updated! (The wish list just means if the deal becomes available again, you get notified. That's all.)

    Order a bunch of stuff yesterday, arrived this morning. No joke. Two boxes full of a lot of booty from the above list. I love the future.

    No mention of the New Switch with MK8 for 349? That's the winner of the pack atm

      Yeah, I had just pulled the trigger on it at $398 from JBHIFI and $4.99 delivery :(

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