5 Portable SSDs To Store Your PS4 & PS5 Games On (Eventually)

5 Portable SSDs To Store Your PS4 & PS5 Games On (Eventually)
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The PS5’s hard drive is pretty tiny, and you can’t move PS5 games to a portable SSD drive yet. Fortunately, you can store and play PS4 games on an external drive — and if you want to save as much of the PS5’s precious ultra-high speed space as possible, then you’ll need a portable SSD.

If you want to move any PS4 games over to your new console, you’re going to need an external drive. You’ll need to format your portable SSD as Extended Storage, which you can do through the PS5’s Storage settings. (Later firmware updates will let you move your PS5 games to external storage as well, likely through the same menu.)

If you’re looking to grab a portable SSD, but aren’t sure what’s worth picking up, we’ve collected a few suggestions below. Even if you don’t currently have a PS5, they’re a handy thing to have in general.

Before you buy a portable SSD, you should consider the type of games you usually play. If you’re someone who needs all of the big AAA titles, a 1TB SSD might not go as far as you’d like. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War clocks in at a huge 130GB, while the PS5 version of NBA 2K21 is 114GB. That’s almost a solid quarter of your SSD full in just two games.

And, as a general rule of thumb, always go with the SSD option over a HD. While you can get a portable HD with more storage for cheaper you’ll be sacrificing some crucial transfer speeds. You’re better off buying a SSD, because they’ll effortlessly outperform any HD – especially if you plan on playing PS4 games directly from the drive.

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  • I’m going to have to do this. I was only able to download half a dozen titles before running out of room. Spider-man (Miles+original remaster) alone is 170GB!

    Either that or put up with not being able to play what I want on a whim until there’s faster internet at home and the distribution network. There’s a few minutes wait to put a disc in, let it transfer/install, then download patches, but direct downloads are still taking longer for me. Just.

  • A Silverstone MS90 USB Enclosure + a SATA m2 drive. It maxes out the 10Gbps USB ports found on the consoles, and you can get up to 4TB capacity

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