The Next Fallout 76 Patch Will Bring Some Much-Needed Fixes

The Next Fallout 76 Patch Will Bring Some Much-Needed Fixes

Fallout 76 is getting another big patch on December 4 that will begin trying to fix some of the game’s bigger problems, Bethesda said today on Reddit.

In addition, the company said it plans to be more communicative in the future about what the Fallout 76 team is working on and when new updates for the game will come out.

“We didn’t want you to think the silence meant nothing was happening,” Bethesda wrote. “We’re sorry and understand this was not the right approach, and we’ll work to make a better bridge between you and the dev team at BGS.”

Among the priorities for the December 4 patch:

  • Increasing stash sizes. The stash size, which players have been calling on the company to increase going back to the start of its beta in October, will go up from 400 to 600 pounds.

    Bethesda said that number is still on the conservative side, and that it is still looking at ways of raising it even higher in the future, if it can do so without making the game more unstable. In lieu of anything more drastic, an extra 91kg will still be a relief to everyone who’s spent the last couple weeks staring at their inventory deciding which of their beloved guns to scrap.

  • Improving loot drops for tough bosses. Loot has also been a major concern, especially as more and more players hit Fallout 76’s end game which revolves around nuking sections of the map to cause more powerful monsters to spawn.

    These bosses, including ones like the Scorchbeast Queen, can be real bullet sponges, and yet not always drop anything of real value for high level players. Bethesda wasn’t very specific, but it did say that after next week’s patch players would be guaranteed at least two or three worthwhile items from killing difficult bosses.

  • Free at last: Players who have suffered from the glitch that causes them to remain trapped inside their Power Armour will finally be extricated from their horrible torment, since that glitch is being repaired.

  • No more excessive backtracking: Currently, Fallout 76‘s respawn system forces overencumbered players to respawn back at Vault 76. After the patch, they’ll finally be able to respawn at the nearest discovered point on the map, rather than the other side of it.

Bethesda also gave a brief overview of changes planned for another update on December 11, including the addition of push-to-talk on PC, the ability to respec characters after level 50, and the ability to load onto a server where a player’s camp isn’t already occupied by someone else. Currently, when this happens, the new player who arrives has their camp broken apart and stored back in the building menu

It’s anybody’s guess at this point whether the fixes in these upcoming patches will make the game crash less, or whether changes to things like stash size will actually create more problems. At least Bethesda has started to try and be more open about what’s coming down the road, rather than simply springing updates on players whenever they’re finally ready. 


  • Does anyone elses game randomly freeze for a 1 or 2 every now and then?

    I’m playing on the xbox X so i assume its lag but at the same time, i have great internet. Could be servers? i dont know

    • On PC here… I get frequent “Server not responding” messages during peakhour, which I’m starting to suspect is on my end as it makes you put your weapon away when it happens and I’ve noticed other players near me generally don’t also put theirs away. I assume lag would do that on console too.

      The other thing I have going on is fairly frequent stuttering. I have adaptive vsync forced on through Nvidia control panel and get a solid 120 fps most of the time… except when it stutters for 1-2 seconds at a time, tanking the framerate to <30. I’ve been meaning to turn vsync off entirely to see if that’s the problem.

      • Interesting, i guess you could call it stuttering. I dont believe i have options like PC but if it is common i hope they fix it. As i come from a loading area (open world into a facility), my screen fully loads and i cant do anything for a good 2 seconds. Or if i sit at a bench, it it freezes for a second or 2 then i sit down. Even a quickish turn can trigger it. Its not game breaking but it makes for a very rocky experience.

        • Being unable to do anything for a couple of seconds after transitioning between indoors/outdoors feels like a questionable design choice that I really wish they didn’t do. I’d rather be able to immediately fight rather than watch the scene gently fade in while ghouls chew my paralysed face off.

        • I don’t randomly freeze and have only seen the server not responding thing and had my controls locked a few times which I can verify was my wifi being annoying.

          Not being able to move for a second or two after transitioning an area is par for the course though. I just sit there moving my mouse until the game lets me take control again.

          • My internet is rock solid, low pings, high down and upload speeds, so its definitely not that.

            I guess everyone experiences the loading freeze then, thanks.

          • Only other thing I know is an issue….are you only (or commonly) experiencing it in the mire, near the river on the eastern side? It’s an issue that Bethesda are aware of and are in the process of fixing. Mainly affects console users but I noticed frame rate stuttering (on PC) in some sections of Harpers Ferry.

          • thats exactly where i am! ok cool, hopefully when i move on it fixes it self. Thanks again

  • My internet is rock solid, low pings, high down and upload speeds, so its definitely not that.

    I guess everyone experiences the loading freeze then, thanks.

  • I wonder if they’ll patch the “canvas bag” we got with the Power Armor Edition. Kotaku should do an article on how a “canvas bag” became a cheap nylon bag not worth a cracker. That bait-and-switch is just another indication how arrogant Bethesda has become.

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