And Here’s Shadow Of The Tomb Raider For $44

And Here’s Shadow Of The Tomb Raider For $44
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We were worried that Shadow of the Tomb Raider was being overlooked this year. Fortunately, if you missed out on Lara’s latest adventure you can catch up for a healthy bargain.

Amazon are currently selling the PS4 version – only PS4 – for $44. That’s the cheapest you can get Shadow for right now, with Target selling both versions of the game for $49. (Sorry, PC fans!)

Target’s Christmas delivery and in-store pickup is finished now as well. And with The Forge DLC having launched just over a month ago, which added co-op experiences and tombs, $44 isn’t half bad.

For more coverage on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, see our review below and the podcast between Stephen, Maddy and Kirk about Shadow being overshadowed.

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  • Something about this tomb raider is so old, not just that it doesn’t seem to have really added anything from the past ones, but also because it was exclusive for a year. I just don’t think I can bring myself to buy it until its bargain bin priced on pc.

  • Lol there is absolute no way this game is worth $44. I strongly suggest anyone consider picking this up to wait till it drops below $10 because this game is a horrible borefest. Horrible writing with huge pacing issues filled to the brim with boring game play. The game hasn’t released for that long and it’s already being so heavily discounted, so do wait a little longer for further price drop.

    • I havent played the whoel game. Just played the free demo and the impression I got was exactly the opposite. It felt like a very well made and very lovingly made game. Which is why I bought it (plus I love tomb raider but i was hesitant abt this one). From what Ive heard they have minimised combat, which is a good thing because tomb raider 2013 and rise were both criticised for having too much combat and too few tombs. So if this game is shifting focus from combat to exploration and tombs then it is a good tomb raider game. I do also realise that these new tomb raider games tend to take themselves a little too seriously.

      But I don’t think it is as bad a gam3 as you are making it out to be. Surely its worth $50. I would support the game at that price.

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