What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is tantalisingly close and that means that many of us can sit back, relax and get some quality game time in. In my case, I’ll be trying to get as much sleep as my body allows but there are one or two games I wouldn’t mind spending time with.

The last few weeks have been insanely hectic for me. The amount – and quality – of sleep I’ve had is dangerously low and the extreme temperatures in Canberra have not helped. It’s safe to say that the number one game on my list is counting sheep.

A little further down the list is Gris, the jaw-droppingly beautiful puzzle-platformer that I’ve been hoping to sink my teeth into since. It’s only a few hours long, I’m sure that I can find the time to play it.

How about you, what are you playing this weekend?


  • Persona 5 on PS4. Up to the fourth palace and still loving it. A more stylish RPG I have never played.

    Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls on 3DS. Finished the main story during my holiday and am now just mooching about, completing side quests and favours, and of course trying to catch all them Yokai!

    Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita. Still grinding away on end-game content. Hopefully I get the platinum for 20,000 monster kills before this becomes a chore.

    Maybe some Knack 2 with the kids.

    • Pleased to hear you are enjoying P5. Between the UI and soundtrack, it oozes style and fun. The after effects of the 4th palace is some of the most beautiful writing I’ve experienced in a game. It could have been phoned in but actually playing out the week of stuff that goes on is a great way to present it

  • I’ll be playing some Warframe with friends. Maybe I’ll finally get past the third tier in Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold too after reworking my party several times and having to level and gear up each time. I want to also get back into World of Final Fantasy Nightmare mode.

  • Bought the Uncharted series and The Last of Us remastered for PS4 recently with an xmas gift card (haven’t played either series previously). Playing through the first Uncharted on crushing difficulty is proving infuriating and morish at the same time.

  • My patience for Kingdom Hearts 3 has made me numb of playing anything until it is released.
    29th Jan can’t come soon enough ????

  • Having just finished Red Dead I am now waiting for Resident Evil 2 to release next week.

    I should play one of the games in my backlog, but I will probably just play Binding of Isaac.

  • Realised Metro Exodus is coming out in a month, so I’ll be spending some time over the next few weeks replaying 2033 and Last Light.

  • I’ve not bought anything new lately so I’ve been firing up the ol’ modded Minecraft. Might play some Sims 4 too.

  • Playing my slaanesh daemons against a friend’s imperial guard tomorrow, learning more about how to not be a bad player

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