Don’t Expect Too Much From The Alien: Isolation Webseries

Don’t Expect Too Much From The Alien: Isolation Webseries

Here’s a bonus for the weekend: a webseries based on Creative Assembly’s outstanding Alien: Isolation is finally out. But if you were expecting a brand new series that expanded upon never-before-seen parts of the game, you might want to temper your expectations a little.

The series, a partnership between 20th Century Fox and IGN, was released for free on IGN’s YouTube channel today. The episodes are a mix of in-game cutscenes blended with new animations, created by DVgroup and Reverse Engineering Studios.

“The final series is comprised of three types of scenes: brand-new scenes that are rendered from scratch, cinematics taken directly from the game, and first-person scenes from the game we re-shot, edited and inserted a CG model of Amanda Ripley,” DVgroup’s Fabian DuBois told IGN.

It’s worth knowing that up front, otherwise the sight of Alien: Isolation cutscenes from 2014 might shock you a little otherwise. The general idea behind the series, rather than telling a new story, is to flesh out parts of Ripley’s narrative that Isolation never quite got to.

The episodes themselves are relatively short – about eight minutes a pop. So without further ado, if you’re doing bugger all for the rest of the day, here’s the Alien: Isolation webseries.

The whole series another way the 40th anniversary of Alien is being celebrated, along with the Alien: Blackout mobile game that was released earlier this year. Neither of these things are a sequel to Alien: Isolation proper, or the excellent Alien vs Predator 1999 FPS game, which would be rad. But at least something is being done with the IP, so there’s that.


  • I blame the AvP movies for making this franchise a redheaded stepchild. But then Ridley Scott shat on his own legacy by being out of touch with what made it great in the first place.
    Prometheus was good and all, but then the sequel came and turned Xenomorphs into something they were never supposed to be in such a way that completely fucked the mythos and pre-established facts. And now it’s not fun anymore because it’s a mess.
    I wish real life could be retconned.

    • I blame Alien Resurrection. As for the Alien versus Predator movies, those movies could have used the backdrop of the Capcom slide scrolling beat’em up game. It was a nice easy story; a bunch of Aliens are on Earth, Predators come to hunt, queue the non-stop action. Done.

  • Figured the web series would just be a recut of the games cutscenes. Still going to watch it as I’m never going to have the time to go back and replay my way through the game. I loved the game just wish I had the time to go back and replay it, but parenting makes that an impossibility.

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