Resident Evil 2's Best Mr. X Mods

By default, Resident Evil 2's Mr. X is supposed to be frightening, stressful and a sign that it's time to run. But in the world of Resident Evil 2 mods, Mr X. is an opportunity.

Modders have been messing with the indestructible boss character, who originally only appeared in the B scenarios of Resident Evil 2. In Capcom's remake earlier this year, Mr X. can appear randomly throughout the main game.

So, naturally, modders saw that as a chance to completely overhaul the tone, theme and Mr. X's model, with varying degrees of hilarity.

Five Nights At Mr. X

It's not a stuffed bear, but it's fuccccccccccccking creepy. This mod takes the Tyrant model and replaces it with an oversized, freakish stuffed doll. The doll's proportions are completely out of whack, which makes the whole thing worse. (Or better?)

Mr. X meets DMX

This one's a simple swap: instead of just having the standard Mr. X theme, the invulnerable boss enters the frey to the tune of DMX's X Gon' Give It To Ya. Not as scary, but damn effective. More instructions here.

Thong X

If the idea of getting roughed up by Johnny Bravo at the beach sounds like a good way to spice up Resident Evil 2, then Beachboy X is the mod for you. It replaces Mr. X's coat with some very small, tight-fitting undies, sunnies that Johnny Cage would admire, and some thongs for the occasion. Unfortunately, the mod doesn't allow Mr. X to bitchslap you with the thongs, which would be a remarkable addition.

The Price Is Right

No change to the model here, but adding The Price is Right music to horror games is definitely something I could get on board with.

Thomas The Tank Engine

Still my favourite thing of 2019.

No Mr. X at all

Of course, there are people who think Mr. X and his random encounters are total garbage. So there's also a mod to banish him entirely. I think it's more valuable to mix up the Mr. X experience rather than get rid of him altogether, but at least there's the option.

Other mods

There's plenty of reskins and other mods available, most of which you can grab through Nexusmods or the Resident Evil modding forums.

The HDR Reshade mod vastly improves the clarity of the game, making it sharper and the blacks much, much better. There's a mod to restore RE2's classic UI, if you want the original experience, and a mod that turns all the zombies into ... tofu. And for the masochists among us, you can even make all the enemies invisible.


    Am I the only one seeing a Doc Manhattan mod in the making. Mr X looks damn similar body wise to the big blue guy

      Sounds a little unfair...

      First time Mr. X shows up, he just points at you and you explode into a fine red mist.

    How long do we think it takes for someone to do a no-hit speedrun with invisible enemies by just playing the game with a Rock Band guitar controller?

      Judging by the speed at which people are mastering the game, about 6 weeks.

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