What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is always – always – a good time for looting.

I’ll be enjoying building up my backpack of uncontaminated loot over the weekend, as is customary for those staying outside of the Dark Zone in The Division 2. That said, you always get some uncontaminated loot by going into the DZ now, so maybe just grinding that from the beginning is a more efficient way of levelling.

Either way, I’ll be running around Washington shooting everyone who hasn’t contracted some sort of deadly virus. I’ll look to do a stream over one of the days as well, and you’re always welcome to join in.

Beyond that, I’ll be doing some chores and probably duelling Tegan in Mario Kart at some point. She finally bit the bullet and bought the game again on her own Switch, so now we have an excuse for battling via local wireless instead of having to do splitscreen. Should be a fun way to resolve bets.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Finishing off Persona 5 before NG+ (170+ hours and counting). Still torn over best girl. I like Ann, Futaba and Makoto best out of the thieves.

    Started grinding again on Dungeon Travelers 2 post-game.

    Giving Yokai Watch 2 post-game a rest now that I have 90% plus of the Yokai in the medallium with multiple lvl 99s.

    Playing Borderlands 2 split-screen and Dead Nation with my daughter in couch co-op.

  • Completing RDR2. Up to Epilogue 2 aka chapter 8. Its been quite the journey but ill be happy to ride off into the sunset one last time.

  • I’ll be playing Super Ford Territory Audio Header Installation Adventure. But first, I’ll have to complete the prequel DLC The Previous Owner’s Shite: The Removal (Broken Bluetooth Edition) if I want to enjoy the full story.

  • A little Warframe but mostly trying to work my way through as many difficulty levels in Devil May Cry 5 as I can before Sekiro drops… next week!!! I’ll get a little Etrian Odyssey Nexus in as well I think.

  • I’m continuing to enjoy the hell out of Mutant Year Zero. Haven’t had this much enjoyment playing a tactical RPG in a long time. And I just saw that it’s coming to the Switch so might even grab a copy there.

  • Well I was going to do a bit of self-photography of one of my cosplays, but now Two Point Hospital is free to play this weekend. Guess I’ll be playing that instead now!

  • I want to get the Co-op trophy in Far Cry New Dawn, which will give me the platinum. Just need to find a Co-op partner lol.

    Then some Tales of Zestiria and some Battlefront 2 to mix it up. Should be a relaxed weekend.

  • I’m over online games at the moment, so I’m jumping back into my first playthrough of Dragon Quest XI

    Gorgeous visuals. The MIDI music is grating IMO, but it’s not so bad if you turn it down a bit

  • Starting up a game of real life Tetris this weekend 🙂 moving my life from Sydney to Newcastle so lots of annoyingly shaped objects to get into a rental truck.

  • Will continue with RDR2. Still on chapter 3. I love the story and gameplay of this game. I just don’t want to end it fast.

  • Having a little break from gaming while I go back through some of my favourite box sets. Re-watched Band of Brothers last week, this week I’m watching Lord of the Rings & the accompanying appendices (which are brilliant.)

  • Playing the DLC from Captain Toad, as well as spending a bit of time in Alien: Isolation on Xbox, because it has popped up for free on game pass (loved it on the PS4). Maybe a bit of Trials: Rising.

  • I would be playing Division 2, but the freebie from AMD I’m supposed to have apparently releases on the 16th instead of the 15th for some reason.

    And it’s the 16th now and I don’t have my key. Goddammit, Ubisoft.

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