What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Last year, one of my best friends got a board game that they were desperately keen to play. This weekend, we might finally break it out.

That game is Evolution: Climate, a card-based strategy game about adapting your species to survive with changing climate conditions, while battling predators and the changing scarcity of food. The original version of Evolution dropped on Steam earlier this year, although I'll have more to say about that soon.

But Saturday is house warming day! So it's a good opportunity to finally knock Evolution: Climate off the "must play" list. I'm also looking forward to a bit of Gaia Project this weekend, as well as another session of that cyberpunk RPG that I got heavily invested in.

I've Fallen In Love With Building A Cyberpunk RPG World

Recently, I've been going through a process of kicking off a cyberpunk RPG campaign with some friends. But unlike your standard D&D campaign, where the players' involvement in world building is primarily through their character, this campaign has forced the entire group to shell out what our world looks like. It's been a wonderful, refreshing change.

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What are you playing this weekend?


    This weekend is for being unfortunately social for most of Saturday, doubling up on the movies Sunday with Lego Movie 2 and Us, and in the extra downtime finishing off Yoshi's Crafted World. I'm not feeling the need to 100% it, or even do most of the flipped levels.

      I got Yoshi mainly for the family and wife. I am still enjoying Smash on weekends although taking a weekend off due to a sore wrist earlier in the week, don't want to aggravate it.

      Got a fun dose of Dominion last night along with some Keep Talking with Google DayDream.

      Weekend.....no plans yet, hopefully a peaceful one. Want to get stuck into a book.

        I highly recommend The Second World War by Winston Churchill. It's super-interesting when you are wakeful but puts you to sleep when you are sleepy. All-round awesomeness!

          I'm a few hundred pages into the 1800 page version of The Stand. It'll be awhile.

    Enjoying RAGE on PS3. The car driving is surprisingly cool. The atmosphere is quite Borderlands-esque (without the cell shading). The gun shooting is fairly satisfying too.

    Still grinding through post-game on Dungeon Travelers 2. I sprang for the DLC character pack to keep it interesting, seeing how I'm only just past halfway through the 20,000 kill grind. Already at 214 hours of play time.

    Might get some Overcooked or Borderlands 2 in with the kids.

    The Division 2 (lvl 10ish)

    and maybe whatever games pop up tomorrow in the Monthly Bundle.
    already played and finished Mutant Year Zero (was really good)

    After it’s release last week, I’m hooked on Path of Exile on PS4 now. It’s relatively old-school in its approach, but I’m enjoying learning the ins and outs of the various mechanics (sort of Diablo 2 with FF7 materia skills, plus a big FFX-type map for passive skills). Also loving the kiwi accents.

    Destiny and Sekiro, maybe some Division 2. Want to get my three Shattered Throne runs in this week on the off-chance I can get the last item I need for the Cursebreaker title. Feeling really empowered in Sekiro as well, which I'm sure won't last long - after six hours of procrastinating on a boss by exploring last weekend, I went back and faced him on Wednesday, and beat him first try using only two heals; then proceeded to beat a new (admittedly more puzzle-oriented) boss a few minutes later, and now trying to figure out which of two paths I should head down next.

    The house hunting game... Shifting in a few months so need to find a new place up in Ballarat. If I get any spare time I might boot up Breath of the Wild or Hollow Knight for a couple of hours.

    I picked up Diablo 3 for Switch, so I’ll keep hammering away at that, or maybe return to finish BOTW.

    Was hoping there would be some PS4 fun with the Easter sale, but nothing grabbed me :/

    Attempting to hit the level cap in Anthem since I didn't have time to play during the week. Maybe Division after that.

    Although I have a feeling I won't have time for anything.

    My now full time fill in, whilst Destiny is not my thing right now, is The Division 2. Levelling up to Tier 5 as we speak and loving it. To counter that, a lovely little city builder called Islanders which is new, cheap and a real stress reliever!

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    Replaying Skyrim as a flame-based chef-assassin called Monsieur Flambe.

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