Sony Shows Off PS5 Loading Times

Sony Shows Off PS5 Loading Times

We’re still a while away from getting an official look at Sony’s next PlayStation console, but the company has provided an early glimpse at some of its capabilities today during a meeting in Japan.

The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki is there tweeting about the meeting, and captured this footage showing the same scene being loaded on current PS5 hardware and a PS4 Pro, comparing how long the former takes compared to the latter:

We’d heard this previously about Sony’s new console:

So yeah, even taking into account how artificial these early looks can be, it looks like “no loading times” is definitely going to be a PS5 thing.


  • Yeah, I’m keeping in mind the fact that game loading times are often a minute or two, not 8 seconds. An eighth of that would still be 8-16 seconds. Great, but certainly not instant.

  • The problem is that the real issues with loading times are the fault of the game, not the console. This might make your average game load a little better (personally I don’t even think that’s all that big a deal, a few seconds to break for a brief stretch has always been fine by me), but huge chunkers like Anthem are still gonna be huge chunkers.

  • Just make the UI fast. And make it stay fast even after the 100th “stability update”. Is that too much to ask?

  • Eh, I’m still keeping my expectations low. The PS4/XBone generation was initially announced as the era of 1080p60 gaming on console, and look how that turned out. 4K became a thing, and the pursuit of ever-more-impressive screenshot potential shifted priorities away from framerate… This time around it’ll either be 8K or ray-tracing, but with a bit of luck, performance will scale properly for lower resolutions, and ray-tracing will be a toggleable setting.

  • Just seems like grandstanding tbh? Sure, it’ll load games for the current generation faster than the current hardware, but the new capabilities mean games designed for it will be bigger/shinier and thus tax the new hardware to a similar degree – likely keeping load times higher? I’m sure the PS3 loads games for the PS2 quicker etc?

    Sure it’ll be quicker than with a mechanical disk but still, why so much emphasis on this part? I won’t be buying a PS5 to play PS4 games (although i hope the capability exists), so excitement tempered until we see real future stuff!

  • I don’t know what the boast is here. My PC loads Monster Hunter World off a mechanical drive 90% faster than my PS4 Pro.

  • Of course, just because existing games load faster with the new hardware doesn’t mean game developers won’t try to do more and slow things down again.

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