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Welcome to Talk Amongst Yourselves: the friendliest community on the web. Ask about a new PC. Ask for physio recommendations. Breakdown all those Endgame and Game of Thrones spoilers. Chat about how your job’s going, or something you’ve seen in the news. Whatever your flavour, you’ll find a friend to chat about it here.


  • Some Star Wars spoilers are getting around, I am really trying to avoid GOT spoilers so I can binge it and was waiting outside the cinema for End War so I could see it asap, but Star Wars I was just meh, read them and still don’t care.

    • Unfortunately, many sites (this one included) feel the need to post multiple GOT articles at the moment, complete with dubious thumbnail/header images and titles. Crossing my fingers to avoid spoilers as well.

      Funnily enough, Star Wars IX was slightly spoiled for me by friends, because they thought that discussing the recent trailer was fair game. After all, if it’s in a trailer, it CAN’T be a spoiler, can it? SMH…

      Not interested in Marvel, and yet haven’t run into any spoilers for it XD

      • I’ve seen lots and in totally random places like comment sections completely unrelated to the movie or even the genre.

      • I’ve found Polygon was really bad for GoT Episode 3, there were many spoilers in their titles and hero images

    • I think the mystery/spoiler concept is really hurting Star Wars right now. They need hype beyond just showing an old man in a trailer but it’s so hard to get people talking when all the cards are still so close to the writers chests. Movie three and I couldn’t even tell you what the characters are trying to accomplish. Does Kylo Ren even want anything? Why would I care who Rey’s parents are? It doesn’t seem to drive Rey to do anything it just gets thrown in her face a bit.

      If I could talk about anything with more certainty than wild speculation it would be considered a major spoiler, so what am I meant to be getting excited about? I hope the Resistance beat the bad guys…?

      • This point has been raised by others, but it is odd how small Star Wars feels in general. Every location seems within a space-hop’s distance, and the drama seems to hinge on galactic chess games – wars among the stars, if you will – between a limited set of characters. Maybe that’s why so many other sci-fi movies and properties try to rope Planet Earth in as much as possible, as a way to have more relatable and “big” stakes.

  • Just started the Dreams Early Access tutorials last night and wow, this is going to be a lot. If anyone’s had more experience with it so far, I’d love to know how the systems are panning out. Are they better suited for certain game/media types over others? I feel fortunate that my dream, er, Dream is a 3D platformer, because it feels like a lot of the work for that has been done already.

    • My Mum bought a new car that I drive. I am pretty much her chauffeur. The only thing I wish my car had was a reversing camera

      • Yeah reversing cameras are sweet as, the work vehicle had one and it was like playing video games whilst reverse parking.

          • Oh man I am soo keen lol. Drives so good, don’t like my driving then get off the footpath.

          • Lol, remember it’s your God given right to refer to your car and all its features by their full names, titles and function for a period.
            “Oh I wonder what the ambient temperature is….let me just check the ambient temperature display on my
            VW Amarok TDI420 CORE PLUS!!”

          • Oh boy my VW Amarok TDI420 CORE PLUS also has a reverse camera assist. BONUS!!! What a great day to be alive.

  • I just tried this thing called Hollow Knight and hey, it’s as great as people led me to believe. Go figure.

    It’s got me wondering too: what are the best Metroidvania games that are from neither Metroid nor Castlevania? There’s loads at this point, and I’d be especially curious how high the Bloodstained games would rank.

    • I really enjoyed Dust: An Elysian Tale, and Iconoclasts.

      I haven’t played Ori & The Blind Forest, Axiom Verge, or Guacamele before, but they all seem to be held in high regard.

  • This ad situation is getting out of hand. I’m seeing:
    – side bar ads,
    – ads between the article and the comments section,
    – ads after the comments section,
    – ads that appear as little bars at the bottom of images in the articles,
    – video ads that pop up in the right hand corner of the screen when i scroll down.

    I thought I had a virus at first!

    • I’ve been using ad blocker for a while now, Kotaku is the only site I use it on and in six months it’s blocked 83,446 ads saving 758mb of data.

    • Just today I started getting kicked out of articles to a new screen that said “check out this great content before you leave”, with a bunch of ads it was promoting. I wasn’t trying to leave.. I was trying to read the article. I had to click back in my browser to reload the actual article. It happened several times, often more than once in a single article. I’m not sure if it’s an iOS Safari bug. I know I complain about this a lot and I know @alexwalker is doing his best to get this fixed (tagging so you can maybe raise this bug with the higher ups if it will help the cause) but damn, it’s almost enough to be parody now.

      Here’s a screen cap:

      • Was the article that you were viewing through the site normally, or an AMP version of the article?

        • I’m.. not sure what that means, sorry. Is there a way I can tell? I just have Kotaku (the normal Australian URL) bookmarked in my favourites in Safari and I tap on it from there. It’s definitely the mobile layout (as opposed to a “request desktop view” or something).

          • AMP is basically a Google thing that most news publishers are part of now. It’s a cut-down version of a page that you’ll probably land on if you end up hitting the site through Google. It’s structured a little differently, and things behave a little differently, than the main site (desktop or mobile), which is why I ask.

            You probably weren’t on that if you went to the site directly, but knowing you came from Safari helps a lot. I’ll ask our devs to check it out and see if they can find out what’s up.

    • It’s crazy but that’s the state of the internet right now. The value of online ad space is dropping as people edge closer to the realisation that it’s about as effective as fax ads. It’s borderline worthless so even higher profile free to access websites have to pander to the few people still willing to spend money on it.
      Over the past five to ten years it’s been all about using arbitrary metrics to reassure advertisers that they’re getting their moneys worth, but now it seems to be flipping to a more desperate attempt to simply stack multipliers in order to offset the fall. Nobody will pay 2010 rates but if they throw in extras like the image bars they can make sure the invoice adds up to the same amount.
      It’s changing the standard to something on par with piracy websites and frankly no light entertainment website brings enough joy to my life to justify wading through that sort of mess.

      I think a lot of people are in for a big shock over the next few years because this model for free quality content on the internet just isn’t sustainable. I’d argue we’ve already crossed the line where successful websites can’t employ a suitably sized staff to make quality written content using ad revenue alone.

      • Complaining about ads on a free content website is definitely looking the gift horse in the mouth a bit. I just take issue when the ads interfere with the function of the website or try be tricky. Things like sequentially loading ads that result in you clicking on a newly loaded advert instead of “reply”, or ads that crash and reload a page, or (in my recent post) ads that kick you out of the article and have to reload, or ads that disguise their closing “X”.

        Would I pay for a news source like Kotaku to have more local content, no ads, and a reliable platform? Maybe.. it would depend on the sub fee. It’s where I get the majority of my gaming news tbh.

        • Yep, certainly not complaining about ads full stop, but I’m starting to struggle to access the content those ads are paying for!

          • That’s something that could probably be done leveraging the existing accounts system as well, if the interest is there.

  • There’s a capture card article up but I figure I’d ask here, where there are more eyes.
    Any recommendations for capture cards? I got a new rig and I wanna stream some SupSmaBroUlt, as the kids call it.

      • Follow up questions:
        The cord that goes into the PC/Laptop, that’s just a standard USB 3.0 right? From what I can tell the other end that plugs into the capture card itself is one of those fancy USB Type Cs and I don’t have one of those on my PC.
        Is it easy enough to use?

        • It’ll come with a USB-C to USB-A cable from memory so you should be right. You might need to try different ports on your motherboard (both the Razer Ripsaw and LGX hate the USB 3.1 ports on the PC I use at work) but any bogstandard 3.0 port will do. The device will light up blue once it’s all ready to go.

  • Updates have been made to comments to fix them where they should be. Let me know if you notice any changes/don’t notice any changes

    • Its jumping around a little bit as the ads load. For example, a few times I have accidentally clicked on an ad and been redirected whilst trying to click reply, because the comment section suddenly moved up the page.

      Happy to see how things go though, might not be an issue as I get used to the new format.

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