Forza Horizon 4 Gets A Lego Expansion This Week

Apparently, the Forza Horizon team is creating expansion packs by reaching directly into my mind and rummaging around for a bit. The Lego Speed Champions expansion for Forza Horizon 4 assembles on June 13.

Shades of Forza Horizon 3's Hot Wheels expansion, the Lego Speed Champions expansion pack gives racers a Lego wonderland to race through. It’s filled with bricks to smash, Lego cars to drive and oh god I am going to faint.

I am so happy. Carry on.


    I'd like a stand-alone game like this, full of loads of Lego destruction. Kind of like Flatout but with Lego.

      Or Carmageddon, with little minifig pieces of unfortunate pedestrians everywhere.

    Burnout 3: Takedown with Lego.

    Excuse me... I need a moment....

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