What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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I've discovered this week that our friends at Pedestrian, whom we share an office with, have not been introduced to the wonderful world of Quiplash and Jackbox Games. There's drinks this afternoon. What could possibly go wrong?

That's the plan this weekend. Like most offices, there's usually a small gathering every couple of weeks on Friday where people naturally unwind. We only recently got a bunch of new TVs installed around the office though, and after a quick chat with our excellent office manager and Death Stranding whisperer Vanna, a spare HDMI and power extension cable was found.

And so, I can hook a Switch dock up to the TV in the kitchen. Should be a perfect combo with drinks, no?

Beyond that, a ton of board games are on the menu this weekend. I've got a couple of friends' parties across the Saturday and the Sunday, so I'm looking forward to Tegan wiping the floor with me in Azul, again. Which also reminds me that I need to pick up some new board games, particularly Root and its expansion.

What are you looking forward to playing this weekend?


    I'm going to finally play Metro Exodus over the weekend. I've had it sitting on my computer for a week but haven't really had the time to really sit down and throw myself into it.

    Stress test for the last 12 hours or so of Classic WoW and then building a side gate and vegie garden.
    May sneak some Mario Kart in with the young bloke before the footy starts on Sat.

    Keep chugging through Horizon Zero Dawn which I'm enjoying a lot more than when I first tried playing and prob farm some relics in Warframe, cuz that doesn't get frustrating quick.

    Back to the Switch for a bit before MARIO Maker's out:
    Treasure Toad DLC
    Golf Story
    Maybe finish NSMBUD

    I'll be checking out the MonHun: Icy pole (or whatever it's called) expansion and also playing some Lapis X Labyrinth and Etrian Odyssey Nexus.

    Monster Hunter World

    Try out the Switch and games i won from Amazon

    Plug away at DKC Tropical Freeze. Been slowly chugging away at that since I picked it up along with Crypt of the Necrodancer/Cadence of Hyrule. Though I'm not allowed to play those 2 till my birthday cause my wife said so.

    And if I get time (unlikely) I'll boot up American Truck Sim and go for a cruise. Have some roads to finish grabbing for map completion.

    2 more worlds to knock off in Astro Bot : Rescue Mission, offset with some duo's in Blackout.

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