The First Footage For Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Is Here, And It’s Bonkers

The First Footage For Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Is Here, And It’s Bonkers
Asuka’s eye patch is my favourite part of these movies. (Image: Studio Khara)
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When it rains LCL, it pours.

Just scant weeks after the original series and its attendant films appear on streaming for the first time, The third film came out in 2012, and fans have been waiting for the fourth ever since.)

The fourth film of the series, titled, for now, anyways, Evangelion 3.0+1.0, just debuted its first footage during a special presentation at Japan Expo in Paris.

The footage, featuring the first ten minutes of the movie, was also livestreamed, and let me tell you all, it is bonkers. Featuring Mari, a protagonist new to the Rebuild series, piloting her Eva in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Paris, the opening moments of 3.0+1.0 are full of ridiculous combat, dizzying visuals, and high-speed technobabble that I don’t understand because it’s spoken in Japanese and subtitled in French.

But apparently there’s something about the Vatican – does the Vatican have Evas? What if the Vatican has Evas?

This footage, while stunning, also manages to answer absolutely none of the million questions asked by the previous film, which is disappointing but unsurprising. But on the other hand, there’s some wild stuff with the Eiffel Tower. So who’s to say what’s good or bad.

The footage is viewable online, through an archive of the livestream from Japan Expo. It’s below, the movie footage in particular starting at around the 56 minute and 30 second mark. I’d set the stream to start from that point, but I don’t know how, because the player is in Japanese.

Evangelion 3.0+1.0 is slated for release in 2020, only about five years later than expected.

Update: Here’s a resub of the footage in English (thanks nathanvc!):


  • Angels at the Vatican?
    It was the Catholics behind it all along! We should have known!
    In the future they clearly escalate from all the other fuckery they inflict on others and decide to go global with their crapulence.

    • Religion in the Eva world has always been closely tied to the whole kerfuffle. Basically, religious beliefs are glimpses of the truth that humans somehow receive from mother Lilith.

  • Here’s an English re-sub:

    To clarify, the references to the Vatican refer to the Vatican Treaty, which mandates that Evas may not be used for military purposes (that is, against other humans, as opposed to Angels). Obviously… that isn’t being followed anymore.

  • I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but I’m curious in general how they’re going to wrap everything up. We’re well out of the story of the original series so I’m wondering whether they’re still going for an End of Evangelion style ending or if they’ll take an alternate route and maybe have the Angels win over humanity this time.

    • I’d be down for most any ending, honestly. I’m just enjoying the ride, albeit 5 years later than it should have been.

    • I don’t know anymore. This clip is bonkers and it seems we’re well out of range of the Angels anymore. 3.0 seemed like that was going for the End Of Evangelion style ending which got derailed in the end and this… I have no idea what this is.
      But I am here for it.

  • But apparently there’s something about the Vatican – does the Vatican have Evas? What if the Vatican has Evas?

    Refers to the Vatican treaty preventing any nation from having 2 or more Evas active at any one time. I believe the first reference to this was in Rebuild Eva 2.0 when Unit 2 got put into its cryo tank before Zeruel’s appearance and the battle went off the rails.

    I caught about 5 minutes of the footage before I called time. The whole Rebuild series is bonkers and I really should go back and watch them all.

  • I just hope it means that all 4 will be released as a BluRay boxset. Since Madman confirmed the original releases are no longer in print -_-

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