What Are You Playing This Weekend?

There's nothing like trackwork to set you up for a long weekend of gaming.

Because I don't drive, public transport is a pretty essential part of my life. And because bus services are slow and generally a bit shitty around my area, trains are the most reliable way from point A to point B. But that's all going to pot this weekend, because Cityrail needs to rip up half of the line I'm on.

So it's a good thing a ton of big games have just dropped.

No Man's Sky: Beyond is enormous. I fired up NMS just before the update and started a new save last night just to compare the difference in the intro. The amount of work that's gone into the UX experience, even since launch, is pretty substantial.

Also, I'd never played the game in third-person. I put about 70 hours into NMS before that was an option. There's something about that perspective that just makes everything more chill; maybe it just makes it look like I'm visually traversing through the world a little quicker.

I'll also be spending some time with Control on PC, which I've been keen on since the preview. I can't say much more than that, although you can see what I thought of the opening hours below. Added bonus: I also got one of those SN30 Pro+ bluetooth pads this week, and hot damn is it a solid pad. Connects so well to any platform, too, although I only just realised the other day that literally both my home and work PC don't support Bluetooth. Good thing I'm looking at a Ryzen upgrade real soon, then.

Control Is Peak Remedy

The simplest thing you can say about Control, and one any Quantum Break or Alan Wake fan would appreciate, is that Remedy's style of bizarre, mystical world building is well and truly back.

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What are you playing this weekend?


    Working my way through Yakuza Kiwami.

    Also addicted to the PES 2020 (I refuse to call it by its ridiculous new official name) demo, so will no doubt play a bit of that while I wait for the full game.

    Off-topic but how do you find the dpad on the SN30 Pro+?

      Only just started mostly using it today with Smash (I've been playing Cricket, Rebel Galaxy on PC and Odyssey so far, and none of those have really used the D-Pad).

      Intermittently, it's obviously better than the JoyCons. I didn't grow up with older consoles, so I never got accustomed to loving or using the D-Pad frequently. But I like the Sn30 Pro's Dpad a little more than the Pro Controller, which is my favourite pad of the last two years, so take that for what you will.

        Thanks for the info. I still like using a good dpad for games that require more precision. Any chance you can fire up a fighting game like street fighter or something from arc or snk? Maybe even dead cells?

          Maybe on the PC. The controllers compatible, after all, and I've wanted to go back to MK11.

          Yeah, dpad is essential for some games. One of my proudest gaming achievements in the past year or two was finishing Celeste. That was dpad all day every day - no chance in hell I would have got halfway through using analogue stick.

            Yeah, I agree. It is also way too overlooked. Especially for anything 2d. You need the precision that a thumbstick can not provide. Good work! I still have not finished that game.

    I'm playing Three Houses' repeatable no-cost weekend combat missions like a zero-effort AFK mobile game. I've just gone into an insane cheating exploit loop of constantly grinding that mission to make sure all my students have at least D rating in the entry-level combat weapons, and max out the classes they have access to and their relationships.

    It's absolutely 100% not how the game is meant to be played, but I'm glad it lets me. No more FOMO! I'm going to get to see all of the relationship conversations in one playthrough even if it kills me. I'll do more of the story stuff later without the pressure of wondering if I'm wasting precious finite time on all the other activities.

    Also retained/re-installed for play this weekend:

    1) Dex - Played for a good chunk of last weekend too, actually - really enjoying it! Loving the world-building in this cyberpunk indie gem.

    2) Planetfall - I at the very least want to complete the first campaign. Completionism/curiosity around exploring the map is making this a more time-consuming activity than it probably should be.

    3) Sims 4 - I found the Hogwarts stuff, and used the 'build your own bundle' special to fill in some gaps in the library. There's plenty of novelty to use up, here!

    4) OC: Odyssey - I FINALLY completed most of the odyssey quests and am now working on the Legacy DLC. I'm also pretty keen to get into the Atlantean stuff.

    5) No Man's Sky (PC) - I'd love to be doing this on PS4, but the game simply comes with too many drawbacks for it, and I've got all my legacy shit weighing me down. Sunk cost, y'know. I've never played my copy on PC, so Beyond's 'new player experience' update seems like the best time and place to do it.

      I'd be playing Three Houses if I could find a copy!

        I just got the digital copy. I've got a massive SD card in my switch, so I just do everything through eshop, now. It's all installed at once.

          Yeah I could do that, but I still like physical for some reason.

    Still desperately trying to finish The Witcher 3 before WoW Classic drops.

      that makes two of us trying to finish witcher 3 before classic wow

    I'm looking at turning my ps4 on after not doing so for like 6 months and starting God of War.

    I've also recently jumped back into BoTW but in Master mode, so I'll be doing some of that.

    And with Oxygen not included being actually released, I've started playing it again.

    Also with turning the ps4 backon, I'll get back to finishing the DLC for Spiderman, and maybe get back into rdr2

      I have the Spiderman DLC installed, but I need to do something dramatic like NG+ to re-learn how to play the game or something before attempting to tackle DLC which is going to assume a certain level of competence.

      After having completed the base game, I could swing, fight, combo with absolute mastery, dominating every aspect of the game as easily and subconsciously as breathing. Then I went and played other games for several months, installed the DLC, went for a web-swing through town, and got KILLED BY MUGGERS.

      Humbled, I put it away again, for some later date when I can devote time to re-learning how to not suck.

        Yeah I'm expecting the same kinda thing to happen to me getting back into the DLC. I've 100% the main story/map.

        It happened to me in BoTW going in on Master mode, but I've picked up the combat again.

        I had the same issue. I still haven't finished the dlc.

    MTG Arena shenanigans as well as Kingdoms of Amalur on PS3. Still grinding away in Dungeon Travelers 2 (those 20,000 kills are taking a LONG time).

    well after finishing a few games (Sniper Elite 3&4, Hellblade, Ratchet & Clank and a few more)

    I am playing the Depravity, Outcasts And Remnants, Project Valkyrie mods on Fallout 4
    as well as playing a bit of Assassin Creed Odyssey second DLC Pack.

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe. I've been playing this on/off for months, but I'm up to the last stage of rainbow road having collected every green star. So I figure I'm almost up to New Super Luigi U... I anticipate even more frustration ;P

    Super Mario 3D World. Been playing a week, world-7 with everything collected along the way... it's just as great as everyone said. What a gem. I'm glad to have gotten a cheap Wii U (and sold my Wii) if only for this :)

    More LA Noire. Got my first 5 star case report on the Homicide desk. Swell.

    Was going to dedicate time to No Mans Sky but just cant get into it, I got fairly far through the game previously, big ship with lots of slots and a frigate, started working on a base then lost interest.

    Something about coming back to the game is just not letting me get into it and absorb the new content, menus and everything still seem clunky and the graphics are muddly even on high / ultra.

    Think i will give it one more go but am close to giving up which is unfortunate as i was an early adopter and really liked it despite all the backlash at the time, but coming back to it its just ugly and muddy......(unless theres some tweaks im unaware of? )

    Most probably will spend the weekend playing Apex Legends and may also get back into Overwatch for the new que system.

    Last edited 16/08/19 2:11 pm

    Playing Enter the Gungeon for the first time and loving it! I'm a huge fan of Binding of Isaac, Spelunky and Dead Cells, and this game has settled right in among those favourites.

    Finished up DQB2 last weekend, so might give the No Man's Sky update a try - fi that doesn't stick, I'll go back to Sinking City, having recently finished reading Shadow Over Innsmouth. But that will be between bouts of Destiny... two solstice sets done, and now working through my third.

    I'll probably split between No Man's Sky and Final Fantasy XIV, which I've picked back up this week thanks to the free week.

    Ion Maiden (aka Ion Fury)

    Only played a little so far but loving it. I was a huge Duke Nukem 3D player, so this brings back many fond memories.

    Also looking forward to jumping into Build engine map building for the first time in 20 years!

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