Amazon Is Still Selling The Switch Lite For $288

Amazon Is Still Selling The Switch Lite For $288

If you’ve been holding out on a Switch, but wanted to save a little where possible, you can still get a good deal before the Switch Lite launches.

While most standard gaming retailers are charging the full $329.95 MSRP for the Switch Lite, Amazon is offering all versions of the Switch Lite — bar the limited Zacian and Zamazenta editions — for $288 to Prime members. If you’re not a Prime member, the cost will be $298, which is still the equal cheapest among most Aussie retailers.

If you want to buy a few games on the side, however, Harvey Norman might have the best deal. The console itself is $298, but any games you buy with it will get a 10 percent discount.

Image: Harvey Norman

The discount means you can bring the cost of Link’s Awakening down to just under $63, which is the best price available right now. The discount applies to all games in your cart, so that means Pokemon Let’s Go would drop to around $53, Smash Ultimate to around $81, and the Mario games (Mario Maker, Odyssey) to just over $60.

Whether you get extra games or not, you might as well save every dollar you can. The extra $30 is enough to pick up something decent — like Untitled Goose Game later this week, anything from the American or Japanese eShops that aren’t available here (like Hotline Miami) or just a few sub-$10 indies.

For more on how the Switch Lite compares to the original model, see our hands on with the hardware below.

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    • [flack suit on]
      Better stop watching Netflix then – they use Amazon.

      The exact reliance the Internet has on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is anywhere from 3% to 50% ( My guess is its closer to the larger figure than the smaller one. So if youre’ not going to support Amazon, you’re going to need to really curtail which services you use (your bank/school/dating web site quite possibly rely on Amazon).
      [Flack suit off]

      • Point taken. We all do what we can morally, with big business but it’s more complicated than a sweeping statement.
        One of those things for me is not using Amazon’s store.
        Another is not using streaming music services because I want to support artists.
        But we can’t all do everything. Little decisions count. Like recycling or not littering.

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