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  • I dont know if any other on here play GTA online.

    But Rockstar finally fixed passive popping.

    You can no longer go into passive mode while in a weaponized vehicle and you cant enter a weaponized vehicle if you are in passive mode.

    So no more jets tailing you in passive mode just to kill you.

      • If you are good enough yes.

        But its much more effective now to use explosive rounds with the heavy sniper. You can easily sit on top of a tall building and destroy them from a distance if your aim is good.

        • I always used to think it made dealing with jets easy, granted you did need adequate cover.
          Hug a building, let them line up for a dead run and boom, like shooting really annoying flying metal fish in a barrel.
          But tbh explosive sniper rounds are new to me and sound awesome, sniping jets was how I used to take them out before one of the updates that ruined it.
          (Haven’t played since hangers were added but I’m updating atm to check out the casino)

          • You need to buy something that allows you to upgrade to mark II weapons. And then research it via the Gunrunning business.

            Its not an instant unlock and requires a bit of a grind and luck.

            Here is the info:

            I personally use my Terrorbyte which is a vehicle that came with the nightclub DLC. Its tanky as hell (Takes 30+ rockets to blow up when upgraded) and you can upgrade it with AA.

            I sometimes just sit in the airport and shoot anyone down who comes at me.

            Good luck with the people flying Oppressor mark II’s. Those things are annoying as shit.

  • And in another dose of an Indie dev going full retard:

    Roguebook devs Abrakam are refusing to pay the person they contracted to make and design their website.

    Youtuber Sidalpha exposes them for it :

    After this video was released Abrakam then proceeded to threaten Sidaplha with a lawsuit and also threatened to sue the person they are refusing to pay, Withholding payment unless the video is removed

    Do not support this game.

  • Props to the ABC for their actually good coverage of the Fortnite World Cup on the news last night. Certain other local media outlets should take note.

  • So its been a rough week to be a Mechwarrior fan. I applied for my refund, not because I dislike Epic game store, but because of how blatant Russ Bullock was with his lies.

    I just wish people weren’t being quite so shitty on social media and would instead just vote with their wallet (and pirate the game if they still absolutely have to play it).

    • I got bitten too sadly. I’ll pirate it until its out on GoG or Steam (Russ was the icing on the cake, I still refuse to support or use Epic though).

      • Oh no, don’t get me wrong EGS is shit and gets worse pretty much every time I hear anything about it; but I probably could have stuck with it if Bullock hadn’t lied to everyone that put it to him in April about whether it was going to end up exclusive.

    • Yeah, Russ has seemed to revert to inserting his own head far up his own rectum and attacking anyone who dares criticize their decision.

      Like even people who have respectfully voiced their disappointment on twitter have been blocked by him.

      • Its fuckin nuts, we just started seeing a resurgence in Battletech and Mechwarrior and he is somehow gonna end up sinking the ship again.

    • I just saw this in the Polygon article:

      He explained that of more than 20,000 pre-orders of MechWarrior 5, only 700 refunds were requested on the first day.

      Only? Only? That’s 3.5% of preorders! In a single day! That’s a ton.

      I’m with you. I’m a big Mechwarrior fan too, but I can’t support this either. I’m not even sure if I still want to buy it in December 2020 when they bother to grace the rest of us with its presence, I’m that disappointed.

  • Hello all, new and old! Long time no see, but I still lurk from time to time 😀

    I’ve got a conundrum that I might need some help with, and wouldn’t mind brainstorming some possible solutions or ideas, if that’s alright?

    Basically, I’m re-doing my resume as I wouldn’t mind moving on from my current job in the near future. Because this is my first professional job in my studied industry out of university however, I don’t have many, if any references for this field. I also want to job hunt while still at my current job, so wouldn’t want to use anyone here as a reference either (they can be a bit petty, so wouldn’t trust them helping me find a job if I told them).

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice, or has been in a similar position?
    I’ve got old references, but these were mostly from hospitality jobs, while my current field is design.

    Any help would be great, if you’ve got a spare moment to help!

    Hell, they could even do a Lifehacker article about issues like this too 😉

    • When I have been in that position previously I would apply for the jobs and add a note that references are available at request. Then if you are concerned you could use some personal references. They don’t necessarily have to be from your current employer.

      • Yeah, I was thinking I might do something like that and just explain my situation during the interview process, but wanted to know other peoples thoughts first.

        Thank you for the advice!

        I’ve got someone who will give me a really good reference, but the only thing is that it is from the wrong industry, so wasn’t sure how much it would be taken into consideration :\

    • Is there anyone at your job who is not your superior who you’d trust to give a personal reference? Alternatively, are there any clients you’ve done freelance work for who could provide a reference? I wouldn’t recommend using clients or the company you are at though, there are messy legalities lurking there.

      • Unfortunately it is a (very) small company I work for currently, so there is no-one here I’d be willing to ask at the moment. I think there is one who would help once I’ve left, but not while I am looking. It’s a weird setup here 😛

        I did just ask a client the other day who said that they would help, so I’ve got one person who is willing to go on record for me 🙂

        Going to ask a second today.

        I didn’t even think of asking clients until after I made this post, to be honest :3

        • If you’re recently graduated from a course in this industry, you can use your teachers or professors as references. Make sure to check in with the people you choose first, of course, and ask if it’s okay to use them.

          I wouldn’t worry about including a professional reference from another industry if you have one though. Things like your work ethic, ability to resolve conflicts and solve problems tend to be universal.

          Good luck!

          • PS: I’m not well versed in design job hiring, but my ex was and her experience was often that if your portfolio is amazing, hirers tend to be a lot more relaxed when it comes to checking with references.

          • Hey, thanks for the tips man!

            I graduated just over two years ago, so didn’t really keep up with my lecturers and stuff unfortunately.

            I ended up putting in my old manager from a different industry (who will give me a glowing recommendation), and a few clients that I asked first, just to make sure it would be alright.

            I just didn’t realise that since this is my first job out of university in my studied field that I wouldn’t really have many professional references until a few days ago when I went to update my resume :3

            Almost feels like starting at square one again in a way!

          • It is exactly like starting at square one. And it’ll happen again. I had a career swerve over the last couple of years, and in some respects I’m back at the bottom – doing tier 1 support again, but in a different part of the industry I work in.

            And that’s fine. 🙂

            Haven’t spoken to you for ages, so do feel free to party chat me on PSN if you want to ask someone who’s been through this a few times over the years. 🙂

    • I don’t care for Schreier’s writing either, but the well-poisoning and constant swipes at the site and its authors is no bueno. You’ve made it abundantly clear you don’t like him and half the other authors here, so why care what he thinks?

      Honest question beyond just this tweet: do you actually like Kotaku? It really doesn’t seem like it with how much you complain about or mock the articles and authors. If your answer is that you like the AU authors, why not just read those then and skip the ones you already know you’re not going to like? I promise I’m not taking a swipe at you, it just genuinely confuses me why you’d keep doing things you know are going to bother you.

    • I like how he thinks a persons worth, is how much they have in the bank.
      He wants to do all this goverment interventions that even the Chinese would say is too much, but doesn’t understand how money and valuations work.

  • So Endgame hit streaming services last week, so my introverted ass finally got to see it. I’d managed to completely avoid spoilers, too… right up until the day before it became available to stream, when (despite repeatedly telling Google I didn’t want to see Avengers news in my feed for months) up popped a headline casually introducing a discussion on how the directors chose to handle

    Iron Man’s death

    No redaction, no attempt to obscure it in the headline or first paragraph, just blurted out front and centre. ;-;

    I prepped by rewatching Infinity War, then by watching Captain Marvel for the first time, which was… okay;

    I really don’t like the completely overpowered nature of her character, tho – how do you set meaningful stakes in a world where she can be called in to deus ex machina any situation? Every major conflict turns into the Dragonball trope of “stay alive until Goku shows up”.

    Then Endgame… 8.5 hours of Marvel movies, all up.

    And now I don’t know if my opinion that IW is the vastly better movie is because it really was, or if I’d have thought differently if Endgame’s ending hadn’t been spoiled. /o\ Even on this third viewing, IW’s ending had me tearing up, but at Endgame’s I felt very little – I think my mind had already processed what would happen, appreciated how the rest of the movie had built toward a really masterful piece of dramatic irony, and was now preoccupied with trying to figure out

    “When did they introduce Pepper’s suit? Did I miss a movie in my prep? It looks really cool, I feel like I would have remembered it…” Which feels like the wrong reaction to be invoked on the death of a major character.

    In summary: Curse you Google! Those spoilers were literally one day from retirement!

    • I haven’t seen it yet myself, but I had a similar experience watching a Lego-building stream (of all things) yesterday. The streamers just up and spoiled some details of Endgame and when people complained the mods just dismissed it as “it’s been out long enough”. It hasn’t even released on bluray yet, not everyone can get to a cinema. Not cool.

    • To be fair, it was known before Endgame came out that your first spoiler would happen, as it was common knowledge that Endgame would be the actor’s last Marvel film.

      • Was it? I had no idea, because I’d been avoiding spoilers. 😛

        I guess that means everyone was as distracted as I was during that actor’s final scene, then?

    • I didn’t suffer any spoilers but I share your view that IW > EG, for what it’s worth … so hopefully the spoiler didn’t colour it for you. I just found IW more dynamic, funnier and with better set pieces – the appearances of Cap early on and Thor at the end are amongst the best action sequences I thought. But I’ll reassess once EG makes it to streaming and I rewatch. It might have been that simply knowing EG was the end of the storyline was enough to bring us down.

    • “When did they introduce Pepper’s suit? Did I miss a movie in my prep? It looks really cool, I feel like I would have remembered it…”

      In the scene in EG where we are first introduced to Morgan, she’s wearing Pepper’s helmet and Stark says something along the lines of, “where did you find that? I built that for your mother but she never wears it.”

      • I must’ve misinterpreted that. I heard it as a more general statement “you mother never wears the things I make for her” and didn’t really think much of it, given she supposedly found it in the attic, iirc.

        Definitely didn’t make the connection to the new suit as I didn’t see the full suit until later, tho might’ve picked up on it if/when I watched it again.

        • I watched it 3 times at the cinemas lol.. Large scale movies are always worth a rewatch.

          Even entertainment news sites got turned around with Endgame. Whatculture thought there was a plothole with Warmachine and his armour when he, rocket, hulk and ant–man managed to break out after the initial attack. They didn’t notice it was two very difference suits, the one he came out wearing was one seen behind ant–man when he came to (Iron Patriot 2). This video only just came out today. Happens all the time

    • Can’t believe we didn’t have a discussion about this the other night when we were chatting (and playing different games…).

      And I think I’ve been very admirable in keeping our chats spoiler free – you know how big an Avengers tragic I am…

      So to answer your Captain Marvel bit above

      Yes, she does seem OP and that’s why her full powers weren’t revealed until the end of the origin movie and why she spent so much of Endgame as far away as possible. It’s always hard dealing with characters that are effectively gods (see also: those Kryptonians…) so how they introduce her limitations in the films will be interesting. She’s still one of my fave Marvel characters though, since the comics new run.

      and to answer the question in about how you were trying to figure out

      Pepper’s suit – Rescue was introduced in Iron Man 3. Yes, a while ago, and it’s barely been mentioned since in the MCU, just a few asides.

    • I’ve seen some weird reactions to that. Like, people saying “he had an ulterior motive, so the whole thing is fake”. The comments the devs made were real. I don’t think that because the guy who reported it may have had ulterior motives, that that takes any heat off the devs for making the comments in the first place. It’s not a false flag because the problem activity was the dev comments, not the reporting of them.

      • Oh yeah, it probably would have happened anyway, all of the things were real; the comments were in the discord logs, the slur was in the out of bounds area and the OGAY was front and centre (although still not a joke worth outrage).

        It’s just weird to think that it was all kickstarted by a guy who was mad that there was no titties.

        • Definitely weird if true. The logic doesn’t really make sense to me. “I don’t like that they catered to SJWs so I’m going to put them in a situation where they’ll definitely have to cater to them again, because that will make them not cater to them.” All this did was accomplish the exact opposite of what he claimed he wanted.

          • Yeah I saw that just after I commented, the anti-SJW replies are pretty cringe. The hypocrisy of heavily censoring the game’s forum and news replies while claiming to reject censorship hasn’t gone unnoticed either.

            To be honest, the whole thing kinda reminds me of Hatred’s edgelord nonsense, so it seems like a weird hill to die on. Like Hatred, the game has the right to exist in its controversial form, and like Hatred, people have the right to criticise it and not buy it for the same.

          • That’s what I’ve always said.

            If something offends you it’s your problem. Not ours.

            Censorship based on offence is a dangerous path to tread.

            The anti-sjw stuff is there because they know reeeesetera is involved and it riles them up. It’s less that they believe what they type and more they just want to annoy them.

            The censorship was pretty stupid to begin with because the people they were placating on reset-era weren’t going to buy the game anyway, And confirmed they were still not gonna buy it unless all the devs were fired. So placating resetera did nothing other lose them sales.

            I think publishers and game devs would be better off treating Reset-era the same way they treat 4chan and 8chan. Ignore and move on.

            I myself would be classed somewhat as anti-sjw. But i don’t go out of my way to attack them at every point. They already do a good enough job destroying themselves.

          • I don’t subscribe to that particular view. I think offence, like all communication, is a two-way street and some responsibility lies on both sides. If I’m grieving for my deceased mother and you make a ‘yo mama so fat’ joke, it’s absolutely your problem too, not just mine. You wouldn’t get to pretend like what you said didn’t wound me, and you wouldn’t get to brush it off as just being my problem. We’re responsible for the foreseeable effects of what we say.

            As for the SJW thing, here’s the problem I have. The term started its life referring to someone who champions social and cultural progressive causes, something that describes a lot of very good people. It only started to be used as an insult ten years ago, to criticise people who don’t believe in those causes and only superficially champion them to boost reputation and personal acclaim. But these days it’s much more commonly used to insult and shut down anyone even vaguely supporting progressive causes, regardless of their reasons. It’s gone from a description to an insult to a means of evading legitimate dissent, the same way Anita Sarkeesian used to evade dissent by pointing to the ones that were clearly abusive as reason to throw out all the criticism, polite ones included.

            There are a lot of people out there that champion progressive causes as a matter of genuine conviction and not simply for fake good human points. If the instinct is to call them SJWs too, as it seems to be for a lot of people today, then the term has lost all meaning, and become just a lazy ‘get out of criticism free’ card.

  • Trying to work out a good system for advertising our local gaming club, but can’t come up with anything that won’t cost our small club an arm and a leg. Anyone got good ideas?

    • Tabletop gaming? There are a few websites that seem to cater to this kind of thing, though they’re also global so no idea how effective they are in the local market. GameFor, RPGTableFinder, NearbyGamers and Meetup all seem to offer what you’re after. Haoran wrote about an Australia-specific thing here but that was 9 months ago so no idea if it’s still active.

      • We do a bunch of everything from wargaming, to ccg and board games. I submitted to pretty much everything outside of Meetup because bugger paying money for it 😛

        Thanks for the suggestions.

        • Ah, I had no idea Meetup was a paid service, my bad. I’ve never actually used it. Good luck with your recruiting! What area is the club based out of, if that’s not too doxxy a question?

          • Yeah I think your probably shit out of luck, most if the people interested are probably already in your circle.

            You might be suprised though, I did a clinical trial recently and someone brought Settlers of Catan, four of us played it for the whole three days, I’d never played before except on xbox, one guy never even heard of it and the other two were seasoned Catan players.

            I guess you could print some flyers and put them on notice boards, try and schedule a meet up at a local burger joint or something, there’s a place near me that does family game night.

  • G’day all,
    For those interested ABC Classic radio have an hour long program called the Game Show on Fridays at 3pm. It plays game music usually based around a theme. Old episodes are up on their website for streaming.

  • Probably been mentioned here before, but does anyone else’s phone battery get absolutely decimated by the Kotaku mobile site? I was having a look this morning and could literally see my battery power bar decreasing as I looked at the site. Crazy.

    • Yep, same here. Handset heats up noticeably too. I’m still experiencing crashes of the Safari browser on iPhone and, when on my MBP, Safari often gives a banner warning of “This webpage is using significant energy. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac”. Something has been a bit wonky with Kotaku for several months now.

      • Yeah, my phone gets really hot too and the site crashes constantly. It’s a shame because it means I can’t really check out Kotaku on mobile anymore.

  • It’s been one year since one of the ugliest, least-conducive-to-civil-conversation trolls posted a comment in these parts.
    In celebration of that fact, let’s reflect on people who have disappeared over the years.
    I’d like to shout out Leigh, who despite being someone I may not have agreed with over the years, you could tell he was a real stand up bloke.
    Also Shithead, he was the best. Please come back, @shithead.

    • I only really use it to keep up to date on what’s happening with people I like (mostly just the cast of Critical Role, these days), but I rarely tweet anything myself.

      • Oh man, reply fail.
        I seem to converse with people, but when I post something I often get ignored. Not great for the self esteem. ^^;;

    • I find twitter often depresses me.

      No surprise there. Despite being an excellent avenue when traditional means are blocked (such as in areas where journalists are easily arrested in the streets), Twitter, intended or not, has become the biggest megaphone for the worst in the human populous.

  • PAX pass arrived. So… PAX? 🙂

    It’s going to be interesting this year as it looks like I’ll be flying back from a work trip to the States and arriving back in Melbourne on the morning of PAX. 😮 JETLAG PAX.

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