What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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I’m coming off the back of a pretty solid fever, so the weekend is a perfect time to recover. But while I’ll be doing that, I’ll be watching my partner recover in her own way — which undoubtedly means a good deal of Fire Emblem.

My partner’s been overseas for a few weeks, and it’s a good chance to just do some cooking for her, hang out and enjoy some healthy food. She hasn’t had the chance to play Untitled Goose Game, so she’ll probably do that. And I’ve been looking at a bit more Tetris Effect lately, just because it’s super chill and a really good way to unwind.

Tetris Effect Is An Epic Games Exclusive

I'm just glad it's coming to PC at all.

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What are you playing this weekend?


  • I think I might unwind with some much needed Monster Hunter: World.

    I really need to knuckle down as I have had the game for months and haven’t progressed at all!

  • Hopefully actually do some FFXIV since I’m still mid-SB, still with ShB to go with Nier upcoming.

    Other than that… most likely more Fire Emblem, partway through Blue Lion path at the moment.

    Besides that, contemplating getting an Alois cosplay together in time for Comic-con next weekend.

  • All the games. Still playing Three Houses, haven’t even touched Astral Chain yet or Daemon x Machina yet and now Link’s Awakening is ready to go. Still want to get through the DQXI demo before the full release next week too. So hopefully I’ll find some time for all that…HAHAHA good one me

  • Done two playthroughs of Fire Emblem so I will give that a rest for some time.

    About 20 hours into Greedfall and loving it. Hope to progress a little more while the wife plays LA Noire on the Switch. Will need to get back to FF14 sooner or later. Desperately want to see Shadowbringers considering how everyone raves on about it but only 1/4 through the 2nd expansion.

  • Simple one for me. Borderlands 3. Being in Brissy playing cards, I wasnt able to play it last weekend (made a profit for anyone that cares), and the bad weather this week put me off getting it until yesterday.

    So, the weekend is scheduled to be spent on the lounge, shooting bandits and skags. And probably having a few drinks, as its always more fun playing Borderlands a little on the loose side.

  • Far Cry 5. Again. Because I accidentally clicked ‘New Game’ instead of ‘New Game +’ and wiped hours of replaying it pointlessly to max out perks by restarting over and over again with NG+ in order to reset perk magazines (I don’t have the option to do it via Arcade). Been doing it most of the week. I’ve nearly got all the perks maxed again, too.

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