The Most Expensive Pokémon Card On Earth Sold For $285,831

The Most Expensive Pokémon Card On Earth Sold For $285,831

One of the rarest Pokémon cards in existence went up for auction last week at New York-based Weiss, and sold for $US195,000 ($285,831). It is now officially the most expensive Pokémon card in existence.

It’s a “Pikachu Illustrator” card, a promo given out to winners of a comic contest that was held in Japan in 1997-98. While there were 39 of these cards awarded, it’s believed only 10 are left today, making each one of them insanely valuable.

So valuable that someone was willing to pay $US195,000 ($285,831) for a single Pokémon card, which is almost 4x the price paid for the last Pikachu Illustrator to hit auction back in 2013, which “only” went for $US54,970 ($80,575).

Pikachu Illustrator is notable for a few things other than its rarity. It’s the only card to say ILLUSTRATOR at the top of the card, and the only to have a pen as its icon in the bottom right. The unique art—by Pikachu’s creator, Atsuko Nishida—is also pretty damn amazing.

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