NBN 50 And NBN 100 Plans Are A Steal

NBN 50 And NBN 100 Plans Are A Steal
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If you’ve been looking around at NBN plans, or had no other choice because your cable is about to be ripped out of the ground, today’s a good day to switch. Why? Because there’s heaps of bargains on NBN plans as well, including this cracker of a deal from Superloop.

Superloop are one of the smaller Australian providers that’s gotten a solid rep in the last year with quality service and good peak hour speeds. And as of today, they’ve also got the cheapest NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans in the country.

If you’re looking for an unlimited NBN 100/40 plan, it’ll cost you $77.95 a month with typical evening speeds of 90 Mbps. There’s also a cheaper NBN 100/20 plan with unlimited data for $63.95/month, making Superloop one of the first telcos in the country to sell the new plan (which was just introduced the other week).

It makes the NBN 100 plan the best deal by far: other recognised vendors like MyRepublic, TPG, Exetel and Aussie Broadband will charge $89 or more a month for unlimited 100/40 offerings. Superloop’s minimum speeds are better than most of the others, too. Just note the top NBN 100 plan below is 100/20, not 100/40.

And if you wanted to compare prices on NBN 50 plans, here are those.

More deals are expected today, however. Just by chance I was on the Aussie Broadband site earlier this morning, thanks to an unscheduled NBN outage, and there was a notice about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Those aren’t appearing on the site right now, but they should pop up later today.


  • Eh, I got the 100 plan with Telstra a few weeks ago for $90 per month – same price as their 50 deal but I got the $30 “speed upgrade” for free. Happy with that for now rather than going to a company I’ve never heard of to save a few bucks.

    • Superloop owns a whole chunk of dark fiber, has been in that market for the last two decades.

      I’ve been with them for about 6 months now, and the connection is rock solid, and the lowest pings I’ve seen in Australia for overseas.

      • I seen this deal pop up (I’ve been looking at switching to them for two months now)

        This deal was realeased and couldn’t resist.
        – Use to work for iiNet under MM before he left, he has great vision and you can see by all the other things superloop is doing, they’re a great pick from the bunch.

      • Fantastic, that’s just what I needed to know as I’m often connecting to company resources overseas. Need to get off my old Optus Cable by january so might as well do it now.

      • OK – I did it.

        Here’s my review so far –

        Signup was simple.
        Got a text message confirming the installation day/time within a couple of minutes.
        Called their support line right after to check on equipment required. They answered really quickly, and a quick chat about whether my old TP-Link Archer D7 I had lying around would be suitable for connecting reassured me that their tech support are actually techies, are local not in a call centre in Phillipines or India, and seem to give a shit. Asked if I was comfortable with this or if I was nervous about setting it up and thought I needed a preconfigured device, which is great. And then “That’s an ADSL router, yeah? As long as it has a WAN port and you’re happy setting it up, it’ll do the job.”

        So this is promising so far.

  • I’m with Aussie Broadband, just contacted them and asked if i could have the Black Friday deal, flat out refused and said for new customers only. I then said I guess i’ll go elsewhere as there are a lot of deals today, they couldn’t have cared less.

      • The thing is most providers aren’t making money on those with deals, so its better to rely on inertia of people staying. It sucks, but hey, with no contracts, just bounce between ABB & SL.

  • If theres one good thing about having to wait till April-June 2020 for the NBN to be installed in my street, its that seeing various Kotaku comments about the different providers and their deals is giving me a wide variety of ISP plans and options to consider.

    • There’s Whistleout for NBN comparisons too – they’re recommended by Choice and that’s good enough for me.

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