Bonkers New Indie Game Lets You Mash Up Different Genres

Bonkers New Indie Game Lets You Mash Up Different Genres

Supermash is a game about mashing up video game genres, and it’s coming to the Switch in May 2020. I’m psyched y’all.

I know I’ve had daydreams about gameplay mechanic crossovers I’d love to see. Just a second ago, Kotaku managing editor Maddy Myers and I were talking about how dope it would be if Metroid got rhythm game spin off, like Zelda did with Cadence Of Hyrule. I don’t know if Supermash, a new game coming to Switch next year, will let me make Rhythm of Ridley, but I can only hope. Here’s a trailer.

It feels extremely unfair that I’ll have to wait until May to play this, but c’est la vie. During today’s Nintendo Indie Showcase, one of the developers from Supermash’s studio, Digital Continue, also showed a code for his favourite genre mash up. You’re not making waiting for release any easier dude.


  • It’s like someone was offered a bunch of game templates on the Unity store, asked which one they would like to use and just said “yes”.

    Looks ok, will wait till I see some reviews/gameplay before buying it though.

    • Seems like a cool concept that will probably fail in execution and become repetitive. Also I saw very little of “cross genre” games in this except the main characters looking like they didn’t fit into the genre.

  • It will be interesting to see how this goes. Historically these types of games tend to be heavily reliant upon templates that get populated by a randomly selected group of sprites/objects leading to seemingly diverse games but an overall feeling of “Same game, different skin”. Maybe it’s secretly a commentary on the games industry today. The video didn’t really do anything alleviate that feeling that most games are going to be asset swaps fit into familiar templates.

    I noticed a bunch of familiar looking assets too from games such as Link To The Past and the original Metal Gear so it’s kind of surprising this is coming out from a legal persepective. Maybe they fall into the “reminiscent of” bucket more than “directly copied” one.

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