Community Review: Temtem

Community Review: Temtem

Now that the servers have settled down, it’s time to breed some cards.

I’m talking about Temtem, the Kickstarter MMO channelling the spirit of classic Pokemon games. It launched in Early Access last week, and while the game is missing half of the proposed islands and around half of the final Temtem roster, it’s already caught the eye of many trainers.

Tips For Playing Temtem

So you like the idea of playing a Pokemon MMO. Good stuff. But while Temtem draws plenty of inspiration from the pocket monster franchise, there's also lots of important changes that'll affect your team and how you progress through the game. Here's everything you need to know.

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What I’ve really enjoyed about Temtem off the bat is the increased challenge. In the same way Pokemon Uranium was a blast for providing a genuine threat for the player, Temtem can be punishing. You lose your first battle against your rival, instead of cruising through. Going from one town to the next can be a genuine slog. And there’s more consideration involved than just spamming attacks, thanks to the stamina system.

Temtem Is Pretty Damn Adorable

The actual launch for Temtem, the closest PC players have had to an official Pokemon MMO, was not great. But as the lag started to vanish and the disconnects became less frequent, I was able to enjoy what Temtem has to offer - and it's off to a great start.

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Temtem‘s popularity has held on through the first week of launch, too. The game’s currently hovering around 25,000 to 30,000 concurrent players a day, enough to keep it in Steam’s top 20 and alongside games like Terraria, Stardew Valley, Warframe and Payday 2. Pretty good result for any indie game, really.

Have you grabbed Temtem, and if so, what’s your experience been like?


  • I got Temtem a day or two after release so I missed most of the server issues. Just a few lag problems on my first day playing that cleared up after a few hours (when it moved from US peak time to AUS peak and player numbers dropped). Since then it’s been pretty stable….except for the any key, I have trouble finding that sometimes.

    The game itself has been pretty fun. I’ve never liked double battles but after 60 hours in Temtem it feels normal. There’s a nice difficulty curve too, I never felt like I hit a wall although I have heard others struggle with the dojos a bit.

    The “end game” as such isn’t great yet. It’s a good single player game for now but there aren’t really many MMO or multiplayer aspects other than seeing people run around. Chat isn’t even enabled in game.
    Farming money is also a pain but the game is only roughly 40% complete so the current end game isn’t representative of what we’ll see at full release.

    I’m still having fun for now, farming money and catching Temtems to breed for perfect SVs. No doubt I’ll encounter my first Luma sooner or later.

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