Heroes Of Might And Magic Is An Auto Battler Now

The internet wasn’t really asking for the iconic Heroes of Might and Magic franchise, which has been rolling as Might and Magic for a while now, to be turned into a Teamfight Tactics / Dota Underlords style game. But hey! At the end of this month, it will be.

It’s called Might & Magic: Chess Royale, and you’ll be able to play 10 minute auto battles with 99 other players.

It’s at least a more appealing mobile respin on the HOMM world, factions and units than the other mobile knock-off that’s floating around. It’s supposedly launching simultaneously on January 30, according to the website

You don’t fight all the other players at once, obviously: Might & Magic: Chess Royale pits people against each other one at a time, like every other auto battler on the market.

“Lose quick, win quick” is one of the headline descriptions on the official site, so I’m already wondering what the degree of RNG in Chess Royale is. Still, I’m happy enough to play a low stakes auto battler – I still love the HOMM series, after all – if the microtransaction model isn’t too gross and the round to round experience is slick enough. The whole game launches in a fortnight, so we’ll find out soon enough just where Ubisoft thinks the Might & Magic franchise belongs in 2020.


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