Nintendo Says No New Switch Models Planned For 2020

Nintendo Says No New Switch Models Planned For 2020
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Despite already announcing and releasing a new Switch model in 2019, rumours that Nintendo would release another variant of its latest console—a beefier, fancier “Pro” version—have refused to go away. So Nintendo has come out and just flat out said it: there are no new Switch models coming. At least in 2020.

No doubt keen to have people buy their consoles now, instead of holding out for some hypothetical point in the future for some hypothetical new model, a short statement tucked away on page 10 of Nintendo’s latest fiscal report reads:

Please note that we have no plans to launch a new Nintendo Switch model during 2020.

That’s that, then. Feel free to ignore those ethereal “Pro” rumours for a while. Then let’s reconvene in 2021 and see where we’re at.


  • That’s going to hurt their share price, their speculators were not happy last year until they announced the Lite. Failing to capitalise on mobile phones business model of releasing a new product every two years.

  • Nintendo, Please Note:

    every decent third party dev will leave you behind next gen if you dont release a more powerful model.

    Sincerely, everyone.

      • The Wii had a huge install base and got left behind by 3rd parties pretty quickly – if the hardware isn’t capable of running the games they’re making then it doesn’t matter how big the install base is.

        • Companies exist to make money. They’ll make games where they think they can make the most money. Biggest problem with Nintendo is their first party games are so good that everyone buys them and the third parties get the leftovers.

  • So Nintendo has come out and just flat out said it: there are no new Switch models coming. At least in 2020.No, Nintendo has said “We don’t plan to release anything in 2020, yet.” It’s not even February, there’s plenty of room for plans to change.

  • Rumours say they are going to release the Switch Pro along with the Nintendo 64 mini and Mother 3. Keep your eyes peeled!

    • Keeping your eyes peeled has to be on the worst expressions there is. Just thinking about it makes me feel skeevy.

  • Nintendo also said they weren’t releasing a new Switch model about 2 months before releasing the Lite soooooooo

    • Yep why even report this? It literally provides no insight into their actual plans.
      In saying that releasing anywhere near PS5/xbox would be daft.

  • I myself was holding out. So now I just don’t know. Wouldn’t be the first time console makers have flat out lied about these kind of things though, surely?

  • There won’t be a “Pro” ever. Why we are obsessed with this concept after only one example in the entire history of videogames is bizarre. Nintendo won’t splinter the market with a beefier premium priced model, and it’s doubtful PS or XB will go down this route ever again. The “Pro” only emerged due to the sudden proliferation of 4K and HDR. So Nintendo’s next model will be the usual upgrade or update, like we saw with New 3DS, the recent Switch update, and the NES top loader. It could simply be the Switch 2, and I would agree with them 2020 is too soon. We’re only 3 years into its life cycle and the Lite is not even 6 months old, so 2021 might be too soon for a replacement.

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