Nintendo’s Theme Park Trailer Is A Trip

Nintendo’s Theme Park Trailer Is A Trip
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We’re only six months (at most!) away from the opening of Nintendo’s big new theme park at Universal Studios, Osaka. That’s about the time we should be getting to see and hear some real info about the place, but instead, here’s a dizzying music video.

It’s a pretty cool vid! And there are hints here as to what we can expect when the park opens, from some kind of app-based game experience using a watch and a smartphone to the overall themes of the rides.

But with the park due to open before the Tokyo Olympics, and the Olympics scheduled for July, it’d be nice to start seeing some more concrete info!


  • Oh Super Nintendo World is going to one big trip at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan when it opens later this year just in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and I’m definitely excited for the adventure of a lifetime and that’s in the Mushroom Kingdom getting behind the wheel in MarioKart as well as collecting coins stomping enemies you name it and the launch of the Nintendo’s power up bands that sync with your smartphone has me excited too I’ll so definitely be jumping into that green warp pipe for sure and meeting with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Toadette, Bowser his son Bowser Jr and his minions even better. Nintendo if you’re listening I’m hyped for Super Nintendo World opening at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan and you know what means Let’s-a-go.

  • Don’t worry about it cf2k we’re expecting some more details from Universal Studios tomorrow about the two remaining Super Nintendo World attractions because I know Nintendo has confirmed that one attraction will be MarioKart I’m hoping one will be a Hyrule Castle attraction where you have to solve puzzles all around the land of Hyrule to become the Hero of Time and defeat the evil Ganon. As for the second attraction maybe a Luigi’s Mansion attraction a Splatoon attraction or maybe a Pokemon attraction with you battling against another Pokemon.
    Whatever happens we’re expecting some more information from Universal Studios tomorrow because I am absolutely excited that it’s going to be opening in six months before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games start. When I leap into that green warp pipe I will so be in the happy go-lucky world of Nintendo and wearing a Nintendo themed wristband that you can sync up with your smartphone is going to be one big adventure that will live on in my memories forever.

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