What Are You Playing This Weekend?

what are you playing this weekend

Weekends are handy for organising things, like pantries, living rooms, sock drawers, and burgeoning civilisations.

I've been spending a lot of time with Through the Ages, the digital adaptation of the clever card/civilisation builder that's been on phones for a while. There's been a sizeable expansion that adds new wonders, cards and leaders that mix up the formula, particularly the early and mid-game stages, quite a lot. The expansion basically adds two sets of separate challenges, because you can go through them all again with just the expansion cards, or with a mixed deck including the original cards.

I'm Losing So Much Sleep To Through The Ages

Vlaada Chvatil is a bit of a legend in board games, having made Codenames, Mage Knight and Galaxy Truckers. And recently, one of his earlier hits got released on mobile: Through The Ages. It's basically a Civilization inspired card game, and it's been keeping me up all week.

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Beyond that, there's a neat game I'm looking forward to spending more time with. The embargo doesn't lift until next week, so I can't say anything about it, but I can mention that I've got a preview code of Desperados 3, which looked fantastic when I saw it briefly at Gamescom.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Mobile: Arknights and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.
    PC: Let it Die. Maybe some Temtem.
    PS4: Monster Hunter: Iceborne.
    Switch: Overlord Picross. Picross 2, maybe 3. Dark Souls.

      Getting much sleep over the weekend with all that?

        Pfft, if you only play each of them for a a half hour, that's only three or four hours! :D

        The secret is to nab a few minor tasks worth of bite-sized progress in each title before you get moved along by interpersonal commitments which prevent you from really sitting down and enjoying a solid, dedicated session of anything!

        Hahahahaha. Ha... ha... haaaaa.


          Yeah I start off with a list like that, fire up MHW Saturday morning ... and then somehow it’s Sunday night?

    Was going to play wolcen but might leave it on ice for a few weeks untill things settle down, i do have faith they will atleast get it stable and fix the nodes not working, see how they go long term but im keen to finish it and work on a few builds.

    Most likely will play Overwatch, maby finish some Red Dead 2 and also need to finish Dishonored 2

    Might also play some xmen on the Switch

      Same with me least until some of the bugs are ironed out of the game. A great game just not quite there. Least the Devs are listening.

    Finally finished Yakuza Kiwami 2 last night. So that frees up more time for my replay of The Last Of Us in preparation for TLOU2. Might also have a go at Gris.

    Finished the main Shadowbringers quests this week, and with a little over 400hrs under my belt, I'm finally taking my very first foray into an MMO endgame...

      I've never finished the ARR questline.
      I get... oh my god SO bored. And then I get distracted by trying to level up all my crafting/gathering skills so that my war/magic job is well-geared (honestly, crafting rotations are a fuckload more interesting than any sub-50 combat rotation). And then I have to level that so that I unlock the next crafting/gathering progress gate...

        ARR is a slog, if you can get past it, the expansions gets better and better (imo off course)

        that said I think they were redoing / fixing / stream lining the ARR quest line... not sure when or how long that will take but it's worth keeping an eye on

        At level 80, my BLM rotations finally feel complete, even if I am having to manage 20-25 different spells/cooldowns/passive uptimes, usually while trying to dodge AoEs while simultaneously moving as little as possible... I'm starting to do the low level roulettes again for endgame currency, and being restricted to only 4-5 of my most basic spells is maddening.

        I honestly haven't worried about gearing up until last night, when I hit my first wall with the 5.1 dungeon - everything up to that point had been throwing upgrades and XP at me, to the point I'd been pretty much able to mainline the MSQ from around level 40 until the very end of 5.0. Now I have a clear (if rather long) progression grind ahead of me, tho I don't know how far along it I'll get.

        And they're supposedly streamlining the post-ARR quests with 5.3, iirc - later this year. And I know a lot of people probably keep saying this, but the story really does get much better from ~2.5 or 3.0 onwards,

          You know what I really liked? The rogue class storyline. That was enjoyable. Then it led me into the ninja storyline, and I really disliked that. Also the way it changed my rotation. I keep wishing I'd get sent back to chill out with my rogue mates.

    A bit of Titanfall 2 (the campaign is so great), some The Touryst (nearly finished - cute game), a bit of Pro Evolution 2020 no doubt, and maybe a bit more RE2 (keen to get it finished before RE3make comes out).

    Been really digging Wolcen, haven't encountered any of the game breaking bugs yet and have really been enjoying the combat. I'm probably gonna jump back into Siege with some friends for some shenanigans as well if we can get everyone together.

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