11 Year-Old Grand Theft Auto Fan Caught Driving Real Car

11 Year-Old Grand Theft Auto Fan Caught Driving Real Car
Image: Lancaster Road Police

An 11 year-old in Blackpool, England has been caught by local police driving an actual car, all because a family member “was fed up with the child playing Grand Theft Auto all day on the Playstation”.

Lancaster Police say the boy was driving this Vauxhall Astra (pictured below) around a car park, having been brought there by the unnamed family member for “practice”.

Despite this adult’s best intentions, they’ve been reported for “traffic offences”, mostly down to the fact you can’t legally get behind the wheel of a car in the UK until you’re at least 15 and nine months, and even then only if you have a provisional licence.


  • It was a safe enough environment not like he was driving down side streets and whatnot, still could of done it on a track or private property.

    My Father built me and my brother a go cart when we were 7 and 9, was also behind the wheel of a car at 12 on a property just paddock bashing.

    • We used to tear around the farm as kids too, one of our paddocks used to be an air strip so it became and awesome race track.

      Unfortunately in this case, private carparks like this fall under public traffic rules and law enforcement due to public access.

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