Persona 5: Royal Has Broken Street Date In Australia [Update: JB Follows Suit]

Persona 5: Royal Has Broken Street Date In Australia [Update: JB Follows Suit]

Persona 5: Royal wasn’t supposed to be released until March 31 in Western territories, but EB Games and JB Hi-Fi have turned around and done everyone a solid by launching the game today.

EB Games announced on Twitter that they’re selling the game physically and online today, in a turn of events. It’s not clear at the time of writing what’s going on – there’s always a possibility EB Games aren’t sure if they’ll be able to continue selling in a week, given how much the COVID-19 situation changes from day to day. Update: JB Hi-Fi are selling Persona 5: Royal ahead of its launch date too, even with the March 31 release date all over the listing.

I reached out to the local distributors for Persona 5: Royal, Five Star Games, for an explanation, and they said they’d get back to me with a statement as soon as possible. (I’ll update this story as soon as that’s available.)

The company hasn’t said anything publicly about the advanced release date though: their last Persona tweet was a retweet from PlayStation Australia, which was reinforcing the March 31 release date. Media even received a release in the last hour reconfirming that the game wouldn’t be out until next week.

“A new Persona 5 Royal Accolades Trailer is out to prepare you for next week’s launch,” the release says.

Still, if you want Persona 5: Royal early, or you haven’t played Persona 5 at all, now’s the perfect time. It’s a big game. A game with a lot of heart. And it’s hella long. Get it today and you might finish it before Final Fantasy 7 Remake drops on Good Friday.


It does make you wonder though: with Resident Evil 3 launching super early in France, and now this, is breaking street date going to be a thing again?

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  • I’ve read elsewhere that this is because Sega are allowing it to be released early, but not sure how correct that is.

  • I got an email from EB saying that it was out.
    This amuses me.. On the one hand, good guy EB (or Sega) allowing the game to be out early. On the other hand, if it IS just EB doing this then that means no price matching.

  • EB knows that it’s only a matter of time before they are forced to close so they might as well start selling the game now.

    • The logistical nightmare of trying to convert preorders from in-store pickup to delivery must be scary enough for them to tell the publisher to just deal with it.

  • I’m inclined to think this would have been a request from the publisher. If they know stores have their stock on site and there’s a chance stores may be forced to close, may as well get that stock out there!

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