Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Rumours Spread After Developers Delete A Tweet

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Rumours Spread After Developers Delete A Tweet
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In a now-deleted tweet, Horizon Zero Dawn developers Guerilla Games listed a job posting for a Senior AI Programmer that included the hashtag #ps5. It’s kicked off speculation that the team could be working on an exclusive PlayStation 5 sequel for the much-loved post-apocalyptic RPG.

The tweet only appeared briefly in its original form and has since been replaced by a new tweet that lacks the #ps5 hashtag.

A screenshot of the original post remains, courtesy of Justlava on Reddit.

[Screenshot] Guerrilla Games tweeted out a job post with the #PS5 hashtag before deleting and re-tweeting anew, suggesting again that Horizon 2 will be a next-gen only game from r/PS5

Speculation has begun that this tweet confirms development on Horizon Zero Dawn 2, the long-awaited sequel to Aloy’s 2017 adventures — although it’s important to note this is only speculation for now and there has been no official announcement from Guerilla.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a massive and brilliant action adventure, with the game receiving widespread praise and attention when it first released exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game sold over 10 million copies worldwide and its popularity has since led to a planned port for PC.

Anticipation for a sequel has grown rampant in the years since release due to its unique story, worldbuilding and fascinating characters — but thus far, there’s been no official confirmation outside of subtle comments from Guerilla itself.

In an interview with GamesBeat in 2018, Studio Director and Executive Producer Guerilla Games, Angie Smets, implied a sequel would eventually be in the works:

“I can’t really talk about what’s next, but we obviously didn’t invest seven years into creating this big, rich world and all of the technology for nothing? I hope everyone is super excited for the future.”

Given the popularity and success of Horizon Zero Dawn and with Guerilla Games seemingly hard at work on a next generation console title, it’s not hard to think this could be a sequel to their critically acclaimed game — but even if this listing does confirm an upcoming sequel, we may not see it for a while yet.

The original Horizon Zero Dawn was in development for seven years , and given the gorgeous detail in the game, it’s not hard to see why. The attention to detail and the love put into the game is clear.

If Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is on the way for PlayStation 5, expect the game to have the same level of commitment and polish that Guerilla has become known for — even if it means a long development cycle.


  • Why would this point towards a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn specifically? Guerilla make other games too you know. And no, the screenshot in the original tweet doesn’t mean anything either.

    • No but with Aloy basically being co-opted as a “Sony Mascot” it would be a pretty safe bet to assume they will kick off the PS5 era with Zero Dawn 2. Probably not as a console launch title, but defo within the 1st 6 months. Zero dawn made squillions compared to any of the Killzone titles, so it would be silly to go back to that, especially when you compare the critcal acclaim HZD received compared to the “meh to okay” reviews their whole series of Space Nazi Shooter games copped. Perhaps they might do something totally different again, but with the majority of PlayStation owners being pretty keen for a sequel to HZD, it’s definitely the most likely outcome. If they went with something else 1st im pretty sure the Sony bigwigs would have held a few meetings with Guerilla Games, all along the lines of “Yeah, thats really great….but we would rather you belt out this obvious slam dunk of a mega cash cow 1st please.” Because even if they don’t put any iterative improvements into it, just made the same game as before with shinier graphics (which i really doubt is the case), it would still sell like baby yoda dolls made of crack cocaine! Tell me im wrong there. But just to play devil’s advocate, I truly am looking forward to seeing what they do after HZD2 with that kick arse game engine they have. But definitely after more robo-dino shenanigans!

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