All The Anime Coming To Netflix In June

All The Anime Coming To Netflix In June
Image: Cartoon Network

Every month, Netflix Australia continues to grow their animated offering. There’s no major movies dropping in June for Netflix’s anime front, but it does have one showstopper: the season finale for Rick & Morty.

The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie (June 1)

The “wascally wabbit” recalls escapades with Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Road Runner, Elmer Fudd, Pepe LePew, Wile E. Coyote.

Rick & Morty: Season 4 Finale (Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri, June 3)


The final episode of Rick & Morty‘s fourth season also drops in June, although Netflix hasn’t included it in their official list for this month.

It’s officially titled Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri. There’s no official synopsis for the episode yet, although that should appear sometime in the next week.

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Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga (June 4)

Granted special entry into the Great Raitai Tournament, a poisoned Baki now faces fighters in China, where the next true Sea King will be chosen.

A Whisker Away (June 18)

In Studio Colorido’s second feature-length film, a girl with a funny nickname is desperate to get closer to her crush. Her solution: turn into a cat.

BNA (June 30)

Morphed into a raccoon beastman, Michiru seeks refuge, and answers, with the aid of wolf beastman Shirou inside the special zone of Anima-City.

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  • I’m curious. Why does this only ever focus on Netflix when there are several streaming services out there dedicated entirely to anime that would more suit someone wondering what anime is coming out? AnimeLab and Crunchyroll would be prime contenders for an anime release post.

    • They do an anime roundup for Crunchyroll, animelab etc when the season starts. Like, “your spring guide to anime 2020” ( I think because a lot of anime on those services start airing when it airs in Japan – in simulcast – so there is a “season” for the anime that starts at certain times of the year. Netflix doesn’t do that, they just add anime every month, so Kotaku needs to do a monthly post for it.

    • I don’t know about episode count, but I did see my Netflix advertising it the other day.

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