What Are You Playing This Weekend?

what are you playing this weekend

The weekend is an opportune time for a lot of things, video games in particular, but also for reconnecting with family.

I’ll be travelling down to my parents for the weekend. It’s some long overdue reconnecting; my mother’s been battling cancer, very seriously over the last year. It was already difficult: Even the slightest risk of passing on a cold, cough or scratchy throat could be a death sentence for someone who is immunocompromised. Adding coronavirus into that mix makes it even worse.

What’s particular about this weekend is that it’ll be the first time my brother has been back home for a long time. He’s been living in the USA, and earlier this year him and his wife were hit hard by COVID, figuratively and literally. Unsurprisingly, upon returning home my brother was forced into hotel quarantine for 14 days. I remember talking to him about what the quality of quarantine was like, and he scoffed at the lax attitude of the staff and how blase they were about the restrictions.

So Victoria’s debacle this week with hotel quarantine doesn’t really come as a surprise. We’re lucky it hasn’t been worse.

So that rules out games like Death Stranding, my ongoing playthrough of Griftlands or anything that doesn’t fit on a phone, iPad or a Switch. I’ve got a few things that’ll make the train journey a bit more palatable — Slay the Spire on iPhone runs quite well, and there’s always TFT when I’m in range of the Wi-Fi.

Plus, Star Wars Pod Racer plays great in handheld mode, even if some of the turns can be a pain in the arse to see.

What are you playing this weekend?



  • Too many games in the pile of shame at the moment.

    Picked up Kakaraot but havent really got into it.
    Got Onepeice (The muso one) but havent really dug into that
    Played Assasins Creed Origins and kind of free exploring but thats stale now
    Picked up Homeworld Deserts of Kharak but not really into it

    Played a bit of titanfall 2 over the past few days fun in small burts, may start single player abit or save it for later.

    I was considering getting the halo collection on steam for something to play but backed off (as im really waiting for cyberpunk / new crysis update)

    Ended up getting burnout paradise remastered for sale, probably will that this weekend might pick up something else on sale if i get bored.

    Really looking for something to sink a lot of time into (have a few friends playing POE but i haven’t started a new character this season) but realistically im holding out for cyberpunk to fill the void..

  • Finished TLOU2 this week. Need a bit of a break before replaying it, so I think I’ll finally start Yakuza 6.

      • Yeah, I love them but they just take so damn long that I really need to psych myself up to start one because I know it’s going to take me months. But I need to get on with Yakuza 6 because I’ve also got Judgement to get through before Like A Dragon comes out here!

  • I’ve actually started playing an old one in my steam library. Farming Simulator 15. Its actually pretty fun so far.

    I’ve also been working my way through the games in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality which I picked up while it was on sale. There are some really good games in there! So I’ll try a few more this weekend.

  • i sunk about 20hrs in kingdoms of amalur already so prob that since i haven’t got to play it in a few weeks due to working weekend

    there’s also a new diablo 3 season starting this week

  • Gonna continue teaching myself to play CoD with a controller.

    Or probably just more American Truck Simulator.

  • Hopefully I’ll finish Assassin’s Creed III this weekend. In spite of all the terrible reviews, I’ve really enjoyed it.

  • Finishing off Sam’s Story in Metro Exodus
    Just Cause 4 (trying to decide to keep or delete)
    The Last of Us Part 2
    More Mod Testing in Fallout 4

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