How Much Do You Think The Xbox Series X Will Cost In Australia?

How Much Do You Think The Xbox Series X Will Cost In Australia?
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We’re still waiting for Microsoft and Sony to actually announce the price of their new consoles. It’s getting so long that promotions are starting to appear for the consoles, and we still don’t have an official RRP. So now’s as good as a time as any to ask: How much do you think the Xbox Series X will cost — and how much would you be willing to pay?

I was looking at RRP pricing for the upcoming consoles courtesy of a tip from a Kotaku Australia reader, Rhys, They pointed me towards a new competition that’s being run by a local sports drink, where they’re giving away 90 Xbox Series X consoles every day until October.

Digging through the terms and conditions revealed an expected RRP of $999 for the Xbox Series X — which is obviously a placeholder price, something Microsoft confirmed with me officially when I reached out.

Still, it got me wondering.

How much would you pay for the Xbox Series X — and are you likely to buy both consoles this year, are you holding out to see which one is better value, is PC gaming the way to go for you, or is 2020 just a little bit too expensive right now?

Just to be clear about the motivations here, I haven’t run a The Big Question or Tell Us Dammit-style post in quite a while. Having dug through way too many T&C’s (off the back of a very early start for Cyberpunk this morning) got my brain thinking. It’s also just interesting to see where everyone’s at — normally you’d think people would be keen as mustard for a next-gen console launch, but the pandemic and recession has hit a lot of people very, very hard, and in very different ways to boot.

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Personally, I’m priming for something around the $699 mark. I think that makes the most sense given how much the “power” of the next-gen consoles is being talked up .. but also because of what Microsoft has in the way of actual launch titles to push with the Xbox Series X.

Sony, on the other hand, can point to Spider-Man for Christmas and Horizon: Forbidden West just around the corner. If the PS5 ends up being about $50 more, I think Sony’d probably be able to get away with that.


  • I asked the same question when I saw it. I wouldn’t be stunned by $999. Remember the PS3.

    But I think $800-$850 will be the price.

  • I’m hoping for $600, but yeah it will probably be $650 or $700.

    It seems like Sony and Microsoft are waiting until the other announces the price before they do. I wonder who will pull the trigger first…

    • Last time the Xbox One was $US499 with a $599 RRP here, and Microsoft is large enough to buffer exchange rates in. So I don’t think it’d ever be more than $100 from the US pricing. $US699 is too hard a sell, so I think $US599 might be how it shakes out.

      But then with all the messaging, they might just book a massive loss and go, you know what, $US499 / $599 and recoup it back on services and transactions knowing how extra invested people are into gaming this year. It’s a huge opportunity.

      • yeah given Microsofts Netflix style strategy this gen, they are the one more likely to be able to sell at a loss on the system themselves

      • Yeah, I think MS can sorta afford a bigger loss on consoles. Whereas PS is Sony’s main business really, aside from some movies

  • While I am not personally buying a series X (I have a $800 gpu budget that I am HOPING to be able to net a 3070 with, fingers crossed). I am looking to buy a ps5, and I assume they will be roughly the same price.
    I have $650 put aside for a new system and I honestly can’t imagine pulling the trigger on more than that. I am REALLY hoping they release for around $600 so I can justify getting one, but I have to imagine asking for more than $700 is killing their market share

  • It seems that Microsoft is more interested in Cloud And Gamepass rather than console numbers right now.Therefore the Series X is likely to be $499 U.S/$700 AUD.Sony will have to match that price so I’ll say 7 Hunji.Add a couple games,extra controller and duo recharger and technically a new console will a grand-ish/9 fiddy at best.

    • But you know what? If you currently have an Xbox One console you can use the controllers from that, as the Series X is backwards compatible with all Xbox One peripherals (bar the Kinect.) I would be extremely surprised if you also do not get a complimentary three month ((or more) subscription to Game Pass, but even if you didn’t, I already have two years Game Pass Ultimate. In that case there is no buying any games initially- just download Halo Infinite, Yakuza or the Medium from Game Pass.

      So strictly speaking, I should never have to outlay anything more than the cost of the Series X this last quarter of the year.

  • Well Microsoft has the cash flow, the capital and the will to take a loss on Xbox Hardware.
    Especially since they lost dearly to PlayStation for the Xbox One, they need to Undermine Sony in order to Come out on top. If Microsoft could undercut Sony greatly with the Xbox Series X and then Undercut them Again with the Xbox series S they could get the edge on Sony. Especially if they undercut them to point where Sony doesn’t have the means to match.
    Besides Xbox has always since the Beginning been there to “Bury Sony” That certainly wont be changing any time soon.
    I’m thinking Microsoft may position the Xbox Series X at 399 and the Xbox Series S at 99. Because they certainly don’t have much of a reason not to. Windows Alone could easily cover the losses of the Xbox division and still make a Profit. Sony on the other hand is mostly reliant on the PlayStation Division for a majority of its revenue. Sony isn’t able to take a massive loss on that division especially since it is one of the few Sony divisions that are doing well. Microsoft on the other hand is perfectly able to. They also don’t have any reason to shutdown the Xbox division either no matter XBox’s financial position. Otherwise XBox wouldn’t be here today.

    So Microsoft has a lot more freedom to price their consoles. Also it would make a lot of strategical sense to price them at these price points, The Series S could easily appeal to everyone at $99 It would bring in a lot of new customers, which would slowly turn into Gamers increasing the consumer base and add considerable Market Share, it would also be something that Sony wouldn’t be able to compete with, pricing the PS5 DE that low would be a disaster for the company.
    Sony would need to develop a new product to compete with that.

    Pricing the Xbox Series X at 399 could overthrow the PS5, as at that price point, with the PS5 being theoretically 499 for the PS5 Digital Edition and 599 for the PS5, the PS5 would just look weak for the price, as if Microsoft can deliver so much power for 399 then why should you get the PS5 which is less powerful (overall) for 200 dollars more?

    What Microsoft wants is a Reverse of the of the Eighth Generation or a 7th Generation.
    I wouldn’t be too surprised if Microsoft released the series X at 399, besides since their philosophy now is for the consumer to be the core of the business it certainly wouldn’t make sense to have an expensive piece of hardware.

    Oh and these are USD prices, in Australia they would be 449 for the XSX and 149 for the XSS. Microsoft would want the price to be as similar to the US price as possible across most important regions, which would include us Aussies.

    • I fully agree that they will can afford to undercut song and they probably will, but those prices seem to be waaaaaaaay too much of a dream. I would add a $100USD to those prices.
      An Xbox one X in america at the end of its life still sets them back $400USD and the One S is $300USD. I just can’t see them releasing the new console at the higher end at the SAME price as there old one and on the lower end $200 CHEAPER,

      Sony has also shown a willingness to lose money on consoles in the past, so if they are undercut they wont be able to match it, but they will probably be willing to close the gap alittle more than you’d expect. I would guess $500usd for the series x and $550usd for the ps5. Then I expect them to take a hit on the exchange and release them for around $100 more in aus… well thats my hope anyway

    • doctorwhom
      August 11, 2020 at 7:00 pm
      $10,476.82 I will donate a testicle if I’m wrong.

      Send me a pm doctorwhom so I can send you my bsb and account number to prove you wrong,

      I hope you have enought funds to pay the moment it is officially released

      XB 860. DD. 17/11
      SP $799. ”. 07/11
      ($795 if you cut jb bullshit advert [email protected])
      SP much faster ssd and more stable core

      Very (highly) reliable source XB Rep anonymous tp 😉

      Expect payment
      August 11, 2020 at 7:00 pm
      $10,476.82 I will donate within 25hrs of release off Ann. 😉

  • If they launch two consoles at once (S and X) then they could be $650 and $850+.

    If they do different storage versions of the S then this could push the X up further.

    I’d want the X but probably wouldn’t bother until the price comes down to $500 odd

  • I’ve thought $999 for months but now with the US dollar tanking of late we might see a $899 price point, which would be nice. Yes of course i would buy that., You couldn’t even buy a comparable GPU for that price, let alone a cpu and ram and power supply and 1tb ssd etc.. They aren’t going to need to take so much loss.. If you can’t afford it, you buy a lockhart.
    Seems a shame you couldn’t just load up windows on this beast, really.. with the way microsofts eco system is going it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s a curve ball coming. One can hope 🙂

  • If Xbox is $499 and ps5 is $599 I’m buying both at launch.
    If Xbox is 699 and ps5 is 799 I’m only buying one.

    And if they’re $999 or more I’m sticking with my Xbox one X and will buy a 2nd hand pro.

    I skipped ps this gen and do want to play a few games (not Spider-Man he is the worst superhero, ghost and horizon)that said if they stay above $800 I might switch to PC once ddr5 ram is a thing as pc gets all the games.

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