Marvel’s Avengers Has Broken Street Date In Australia

Marvel’s Avengers Has Broken Street Date In Australia
Image: Marvel's Avengers

Australians have started getting their console copies of Marvel’s Avengers today, well before the game’s official release date on September 4.

Kotaku Australia reader lordo received their copy from Amazon Australia, and shared some photo evidence with us below. It’s almost a full week before the game’s release, which means if Amazon are shipping copies from today, then it’s likely more pre-orders will arrive between now and Monday for those getting a PS4 or Xbox One version of the game. (PC copies aren’t available through Amazon Australia.)

Below are some shots of the disc that was sent out:

avengers street date
Image: Supplied
avengers street date
Image: Supplied

Amazon, mind you, are still saying pre-orders won’t arrive until next Friday. It’s still going for $69 as well, so if you were still going to take a gamble on Marvel’s Avengers, this is probably the way to go.

Marvel’s Avengers Has Broken Street Date In Australia
Image: Amazon

Breaking street date was something that had gone out of fashion, but the coronavirus brought it back something severe. There’s been several major releases going out the door early in Australia this year, including Final Fantasy 7 RemakePersona 5 Royal, and others. Final Fantasy 7 was the most egregious, with the game launching in Australia 9 days ahead of schedule as publishers tried to deal with the early lockdowns and potential threat of customers not able to receive copies of the game that they’d paid for.

And it’s not the first time Amazon has broken street date either, although going this far in advance is a bit new for them. Marvel’s Avengers isn’t due for release until September 4, but with Amazon jumping the gun, there’s a good chance JB Hi-Fi and EB Games might pull the trigger early, too.

Of course, not everyone should be so lucky. At least one user reported on Twitter being told by Amazon — not Amazon Australia — that their copy would arrive later than expected. But in Australia, at least, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m still waiting for confirmation on whether the Marvel’s Avengers servers will let people play this early, though.


    • “Here, have it early. By the way, since its a GaaS you can’t actually do anything besides install it.”

      • That’s an affirmative,
        “A newer version of the application is required to play. Please download the latest update to continue.”
        Not even an offline mode, this weekend is h*ckin ruined.

        • I think the biggest annoyance with games needing online is with SAO: Alicization Lycoris. Sure you can play the game offline, but the cosmetics and such I’ve gotten from those daily CUBES I’ve been grinding? Unavailable if you’re not connected to the network / servers aren’t up.

          I guess thats one way to try and get around those people that would hack to get all the lootbox contents, by having them linked to your account profile online, which would know if you actually have them or not.

  • The lack of press and promotion by Square/Enix on this title is very weird considering how huge a franchise this is.
    I predict it’s gonna bomb. We already know it’s a ‘game as service’ deal and we already know it’s got loads of micro transactions and battle passes for each character whi Co cost additional cash.
    Fuck this shit.

    • I thought the beta for it was actually pretty abysmal… I didn’t have super high hopes before, but after the beta I have zero.

      If it succeeds I think it’ll be off brand alone, because the flaws with the game run so deep I find it unlikely it can just be patched to being good.

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