Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Are Now Available To Preorder From EB Games

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Are Now Available To Preorder From EB Games

After years of stock issues and mounting rarity, Nintendo is bringing back four of the classic Animal Crossing amiibo card sets. While they were originally created for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, these amiibo cards are also compatible with New Horizons, New Leaf and Amiibo Festival. In the case of New Horizons, they allow players to invite the villagers on the cards to their island via the campsite and eventually make them permanent residents. If you’re keen to pick up some brand new cards and change up your New Horizons village, EB Games is now offering pre-orders for the cards.

While you won’t be able to nab New Horizons fan favourites like Raymond in the collection, you do have a chance of finding nearly every other Animal Crossing villager inside.

Each pack costs $4.95 and contains three cards: two villager cards and a glittery NPC card. (These NPC cards are mostly useless in New Horizons but do unlock unique character posters and can be used on Harv’s Island.)

Strangely, series five is not part of the new wave of preorders. This series was designed for New Leaf Welcome amiibo and featured villagers in moving vans with unique furniture. They operate like regular cards in New Horizons but there are some double ups with characters, which could explain why these cards aren’t returning.

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Customers are currently limited to five cards from each series per order, so you’ll only be able to grab 20 cards at once. We don’t know how limited stock actually is, so if you’re keen it’s best to get in quick.

Animal Crossing amiibo have proved to be very popular over the past few months as New Horizons players seek out their favourite characters for their island. You can get bootleg chips, keychains and cards on Etsy but there’s nothing like the shiny, real deal and they’ve been known to fetch up to $100 on eBay, depending on the villager. This stock refresh should hopefully push some of those prices down.

EB Games will offer preorders for the Animal Crossing amiibo cards for as long as stocks last. With global demand for the cards higher than ever, stay tuned for a quick sellout.

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