There Won’t Be Any More PS5 Stock In Australia, New Zealand Until 2021

There Won’t Be Any More PS5 Stock In Australia, New Zealand Until 2021

If you missed out on a PS5 when the first couple of waves arrived, bad news: there won’t be any more PS5 Australia stock until 2021.

A little while ago the official PlayStation announced what sounded like news from heaven. Having seen the massive amount of demand — and all the gamers who missed out — Sony announced that “we wanted to confirm that more PS5 inventory” would be sent out “before the end of the year”.

At the time, PlayStation hadn’t confirmed whether more inventory would be arriving in Australia. I emailed Sony Australia team at the time, but received no response, but this afternoon the official PlayStation agency responded to my inquiry with an official confirmation.

And, unfortunately, the news was not good. Sony confirmed that Australians and New Zealanders who missed out would just have to wait:

SIE Australia and New Zealand are pleased to have fulfilled all PS5 stock available to Australians and New Zealanders in 2020. We look forward to making more stock available in 2021.

Well, shit.

That’s unfortunate news to anyone who’s been refreshing PS5 listings like crazy, or watching the never-ending scalpers on eBay command higher and higher prices. The only way to combat scalping is with supply. But since no more of that is likely to emerge until mid-January at best — assuming everyone gets a well deserved Christmas break — then we’re going to have to put up the madness for a little while longer.

On the bright side, if you’re stuck for next gen consoles, at least there’s stock available of the Xbox Series S. It also makes for a cracking retro console, which isn’t much of a consolation prize, but it’s still a banging Christmas gift. (The Dualsense controllers also work with Steam now, and it’s a cracking PC controller. They’re still in stock, too.) And while you wait, make sure you don’t fall for any of the PS5 scams floating around.


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