Online PS5, Xbox Series X Scams Are On The Rise

Online PS5, Xbox Series X Scams Are On The Rise
Image: Sony

Around the world, people who preordered the Xbox Series X and PS5 are getting scam emails claiming their consoles have been delayed or some form of additional payment is required ahead of delivery. So far, reports have emerged of emails impersonating Amazon Australia locally, with similar scams being reported over at GAME in the UK.

The situation was first uncovered by Aussie outlet Press-Start Australia, which detailed an Amazon email sent to PS5 preorder customers announcing a planned stock shortage for the console. The email looked very official and contained the following update:

“Due to Sony not delivering the agreed amount of Stock, your order for the PlayStation 5 console has been delayed until early 2021”.

It later emerged these emails were false and were sent to multiple Amazon customers by a mystery third party. While the emails didn’t ask for compensation of any kind, they did provoke fears around the supply of PS5 consoles for preorder customers — fears which now appear to be unfounded.

Similar reports have emerged overseas, with UK retailer GAME reporting customers being approached via Twitter. Scammers reportedly demanded full, immediate payment for preordered consoles.

GAME reassured customers it would never ask for payment details over social media, but those less savvy with the internet are still at risk.

As the launch date for the PS5 and Xbox Series X approaches, keep in mind these kind of scams are on the rise. If you placed on online preorder, you may receive email updates about progress and the need for final payment. Make sure you double checking who’s sending these emails, if there’s any inconsistencies in the email and whether they’re legitimate before you make any kind of payment. If you preordered your next gen consoles with a retail store, it’s also a good idea to pop in and check on payment status.

If you come across an email that seems out of place or may potentially be a scam, your best port of call is to contact Scamwatch, a cybersecurity service run by the ACCC. You can lodge a scam report or find additional information on the website about existing scams you can expect online.


  • I ordered though a company I trust, even if I got an email regarding my PS5 I would login to their site and check for myself, people should be using their common sense, if available, especially with such a expensive product.

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