There’s An Official Australian World Of Tanks Coffee Blend

There’s An Official Australian World Of Tanks Coffee Blend

World of Tanks has done plenty of bizarre collaborations in the past, but combining giant hulking pieces of armour with coffee seems … actually, pretty damn good.

Wargaming’s Australian arm has announced one of their tastier real world tie-ins to date, pairing up with Canberra brewers Ironside Coffee Co. to make an official World of Tanks signature free-trade coffee blend.

It’s only sold in 500g bags for now, although all profits from the blend will go towards the Legacy Australia non-profit, which looks after the families of deceased Australian military personnel. And if you’re a history buff, you might also be keen on where the beans come from. They’re picked from Timor Leste’s Ainaro area, which was the effective base for Australian forces in the region during the Second World War.

Ironside Coffee themselves was founded by former Australian defence personnel, and given that the Canberra brewers are already supplying beans for the Wargaming Sydney studio, it made sense for a deeper partnership.

Image: Ironside Coffee

If you’ve got someone who’s a World of Tanks fan, or a fan of military history and they fit into that venn diagram with gaming as well, this could be a neat little Christmas gift. It’s also just good practice to support local brewers anyway, provided you don’t mind the slight premium on the 500g bag here. (Also, fun aside: the blend is named APCR, which is the same name for the premium ammo on most World of Tanks … tanks. Cute.)

Alternatively, if you want a bigger bag of coffee, you can get 1kg bags from Ironside through their store. They’re well priced: $27.60 right now for 1kg of the dark, medium or light roasts too.


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