5 Games That’ll Let You Play And Eat At The Same Time

5 Games That’ll Let You Play And Eat At The Same Time
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Sometimes, eating while gaming is essential. Whether you’re in the middle of a marathon session, are cramming it in between life commitments or are simply feeling snacky, it’s an unavoidable part of the experience.

The downside? Getting oil on your controller or keyboard, potentially spilling drinks over your console, having to juggle picking up your food and putting down the controller – you get the picture. The way around it? Eating with one hand and controlling with the other. It’s obviously not ideal for some games, but if you’re looking to power on with playing and satisfy your hunger, there are a wealth of games across all platforms that’ll do the trick.

A study from May 2020 revealed at least 80% of gamers eat while playing, with ‘salty treats’ clocking in as the most popular kind of food to indulge in while in the action – which is even more reason to get at least one hand off the controller. To make it even more convenient for yourself, use one hand to order your meal on a service like DoorDash while playing, to get the hang of it before chowing down.

Here are a few games that you can get away with playing with one hand that’ll ensure you get the best of both worlds.

Life Is Strange

Initially launched in 2015, Life Is Strange (and its prequel Before the Storm) can be played easily with one hand on the game’s PS and Xbox iterations.

One of its main gameplay features is the ability to rewind time, allowing the player to redo pretty much any action that has been taken. This action makes it easier for one-handed playing since you’re able to take it slow and reassess any puzzle-solving and fetch quests you might not be completely satisfied with.

Fallout 1 & 2

The 1997 classic RPG and its follow up are both completely mouse controllable, meaning you’ll be able to soak up the most of the game world and interact with various dilemmas with one hand.

Considering Fallout is a turn-based combat game, there’s no real time-pressure in your actions, so you can take as long as you want to plan your moves if you’re getting the hang of using one hand. Some keys might be needed throughout the game, but not simultaneously with the mouse, which is a bonus.

The Wolf Among Us

Much like Life Is Strange, the episodic graphic adventure series from Telltale Games is slow-paced in its exploratory gameplay. You can spend time diving into its three-dimensional environments to interact with other characters and store items as inventory. Tales From The Borderlands is also a good option for this sort of play too.

The Sims

Strategy-based games are a good option if you’re looking for some one-handed action. The Sims is a complete classic (as you’re absolutely aware), and others like Divinity: Original Sin or Baldur’s Gate prove to be good for this too. You have unlimited time to divulge into your own world with games like this, making it simple and stress-free for one-handed play.

Pokemon: Let’s Go

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pickachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee were released in 2018 as Nintendo Switch remakes of the 1998 RPG Pokemon Yellow. They’re not only two of the highest selling Switch games but easily playable while eating with one hand because the game is designed only to require one Joy-Con per player.

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